Boot Camp (Test Preparation)

Students who are required to take the college placement test will be given a Boot camp schedule and a testing referral form by the admissions office.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to attend boot camp before taking the placement test (ACCUPLACER®).
  • Boot camp is designed to prepare students for the test and the testing experience.
  • Boot camp sessions are offered at the Savannah, Liberty, and Effingham campuses.
    • Savannah Campus Boot Camp Schedule
    • Crossroads Campus – See Savannah schedule
    • Effingham Campus – See Effingham Student Affairs Office
    • Fort Stewart Campus – See Liberty Student Affairs Office
    • Liberty Campus – See Liberty Student Affairs Office

How do I prepare for ACCUPLACER®?

There are a variety of ways you can prepare for ACCUPLACER®.

You can:

  • Attend a boot camp session
  • Review resources available on the ACCUPLACER® website
  • Pick up study guides at the Testing Center
  • Download the ACCUPLACER® Study App

ACCUPLACER app button