The Testing Center is open Monday through Thursday and no appointment is needed for COMPASS testing. Testing is available between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

Once the admissions application has been received along with the non-refundable application fee, new students (who do not have valid ACT or SAT scores and do not have previous college credit verified by an official college transcript) are required to take a COMPASS placement exam. The COMPASS placement exam is used for initial placement in general education courses.

  • The placement test is designed to measure skills in reading, writing, basic math, and for some majors, Algebra.
  • The placement test is not an admissions test that can be passed or failed.
  • Placement scores are used to indicate whether review is necessary in the areas of reading, writing, and/or math.
  • If review is indicated, Learning Support classes along with individualized tutoring are available to increase the basic skill levels to meet the standards for college-level classes.

You must bring your Testing Referral documentation provided by the Student Affairs office, with the Boot Camp sign off, when you come in to take the COMPASS test. No tests will be given without the Testing Referral documentation with the appropriate signatures.

COMPASS is a self-paced, computerized test which allows the student to proceed at his/her own pace. Therefore, one student might require more or less time than another student for completion. We suggest students allow approximately one and a half to two hours for the entire COMPASS test.


Savannah Campus
Boot Camp located in Learning Enrichment Center and Testing Center located in the Main Administration Building

Liberty Campus
Boot Camp/Testing located in Student Affairs

Effingham Campus
Boot Camp/Testing located in Student Affairs

Crossroads Campus
Boot Camp/Testing available at Effingham or Savannah Campus

Fort Stewart Army Education Center
Boot Camp/Testing available at Liberty Campus

How do I prepare for the COMPASS Placement Test?

There are a variety of ways to prepare for the COMPASS test. Listed below are links that will help in preparation for the test:

If you have a documented disability and need special accommodations for placement testing, please contact:

  • Barbara Beam, Counselor/Coordinator of Special Populations, 912.443.5717 or email