Excess Financial Aid Refunds

If the total of all your financial aid is more than your direct tuition, mandatory fees, and Campus Shop deferred charges (bookstore charges) for the semester, you will receive an excess financial aid refund. Excess financial aid refunds are issued by paper check and mailed approximately four (4) weeks after the start of the semester.

Excess financial aid refunds will continue to be issued throughout the semester as funding is received from the Department of Education and GA Student Finance Commission.

  • Effective AY2021 (Fall Term 2020) Savannah Technical College has a No Harm No Foul policy that allows a 100% refund of all tuition and fees, excluding the application fee for the students that drop a course by the end of the sixth (6th) instructional day of the semester/term.
  • After the drop/add period and once attendance/enrollment is confirmed (approximately the second week of the semester), the U.S. Department of Education and/or the Georgia Student Finance Commission will electronically transfer funding to Savannah Tech to be applied to each qualified student’s account.
  • Once those funds are applied and each account is evaluated to determine the amount of refund due, a refund will be issued by paper check. Federal regulations allow the college 14 calendar days to issue/mail a refund of excess financial aid.
  • STC will begin mailing excess financial aid refunds approximately four (4) weeks after the start of the semester.

Access to books and supplies for Federal Pell Grant eligible students 

Students who are eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant (as indicated on their Financial Aid Award) where the Federal Pell Grant will create a Title IV credit balance on their school account may receive a school credit that can be used in the Savannah Technical College Campus Shop to purchase books and supplies up thru the second week of the semester. If the students have any remaining Title IV credit after using these funds to pay for books and supplies, the remaining credit will be sent to the students in the form of a check.

Anticipated Excess Financial Aid Refund Schedule

Please note that the dates provided here are estimated and actual dates may be different. 

Financial Aid ScheduleDisbursed/Paid to Savannah TechAnticipated Excess Financial Aid Refund to Student
Fall 20229/5/20239/19/2023
Fall Mini-Term 202210/25/202311/8/2023
Spring 202301/22/2402/05/2024
Spring Mini-Term 20233/15/202403/29/2024
Summer 20236/11/20246/28/2024