Verify My FAFSA

The U.S. Department of Education selects student FAFSA applications for the verification process. The verification selection can be random or because your FAFSA information was incomplete, estimated or inconsistent. If Savannah Technical College (STC) finds conflicting or discrepant information, STC may also select your FAFSA for verification.

What does Verification mean?

If your FAFSA application is selected for Verification by the Department of Education or Savannah Tech, the Financial Aid Office is required to confirm (verify) that the information provided on the FAFSA form is accurate by obtaining additional documentation from you. If there are discrepancies, the college is also required to correct the FAFSA application and adjust financial aid eligibility accordingly.

You are now able to complete most of your outstanding Financial Aid requirements/tasks online, with secure document upload from any device and e-sign capabilities. We are excited to announce that our new self-service financial aid process is here! The STC Financial Aid Office is introducing a new easy, mobile, personalized process that makes submitting financial aid documents easier. To get started, you must create a Verify My FAFSA account by following the steps below:

Create Your Account

You’ll be asked for some basic information when creating your account. This information is used to validate your identity so that an electronic signature can be used on future forms.

Four Easy Steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Create Account’ link
  3. Enter/confirm your student information
  4. Click ‘Create Account’ button

Once your account is created, any required documents/tasks you need to complete will become available to view. For dependent students, sometimes a Parent Account may be required to allow electronic signatures as well.

 Important Guidelines for Account Creation

  • A STC Student Email is required for Account Creation.
  • The information that you used on your FAFSA needs to be the same information that you use to create your account. If you use a different name or other personal information than what is in your FAFSA you will be shown error code 1010.
  • You need to create your account before your parent does.
  • Your parents password is also their E-sign (pin)
  • Don’t forget that once your parent signs the requested documents, you will need to go back in and complete all required steps.

 As this is a new process, you may see tasks to complete in Banner Web and also in Verify My FAFSA. For documents not requested through the Verify My FAFSA Portal, we can accept them through the financial aid portal at

Required Verification Documentation

Verification Deadlines

After Verification is Completed