STC Scholarships

All Savannah Tech students are encouraged to apply

Applications will be accepted prior to each semester beginning the 14th of the month: June (fall), October (spring) and April (summer). Deadlines will vary. The Spring application deadline is December 19, 2021.

Use your STC student email prefix/password to apply online: 

Example: If your email is, then use “jdoe123” as your username.

Don’t wait to begin working on your application, which will require short essays and letters of recommendation. 

Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, fees, books, and pre-approved academic-related supplies purchased at the Savannah Technical College Campus Shop only. Scholarship funds will not be distributed directly to the student. This means students receiving refunds from the College will not be eligible for scholarships.

Privately-funded scholarships are awarded based on criteria established by each of the donors. Any restrictions (age, race, gender, program of study, required hours, GPA, etc.) are included by specific request of the donor and are explicitly tied to the funds received for awards.  


  • Career Advancement Program Scholarship (CAP): Adult students who are returning to college to study in a new career field after life circumstances and responsibilities interrupted their original path to graduation. GPA 2.5. ($1,000 plus $500 for books)
  • Faculty & Staff Scholarship: Applicants must have completed at least 30 credit hours. 2.7 GPA. ($1,000)
  • Girl Scouts Scholarship: Girl Scouts alumnae who have earned a Silver and/or Gold award are encouraged to apply. ($500 for tools/books).
  • HERO Toolbox Scholarship: covers required purchases of tools/equipment (award will be 25% of the total required by program or up to $100)
  • Opportunity Award Honoree Endowment Scholarship: Applicants must demonstrate financial need. 2.5 GPA. ($800)
  • Porter Pierpont Rotary International Scholarship: Given to an Associate Degree student with a full year of study remaining. Must demonstrate a significant commitment to community service. An interview is required. ($1,500)
  • Savannah AMBUCS Scholarship: Eligible students must be enrolled in a credit program, a resident of Chatham, Bryan, Effingham or Liberty counties and have completed FAFSA to determine financial aid eligibility. Scholarship applicants must have disclosed a condition that needs special accommodations, which is documented in the student records. Students must also have demonstrated financial need and have a balance due at the time the scholarship is awarded. ($1,000 for gap funding).


  • Military Scholarship Assistance (overview)
  • Military Freedom Fund: Provides support for military-affiliated students including tuition, fees, books, and tools. Awards are based on need and eligibility as verified by Military Outreach Coordinator.
  • Landings Military Family Relief Fund/MYCAA Scholarship: Available to active duty spouses using MYCAA funds. Grant provided once MYCAA funds are no longer available to cover student’s tuition in their current program of study. Grants will be provided one semester at a time. Students should request the grant in the term prior to running out of MYCAA funds. Applications will be submitted to the Military Outreach Coordinator. Tuition only. 2.5 GPA (Up to $4,000/student)


  • CFG Wealth Management Business Scholarship: Associate degree applicant must have completed at least 15 hours in pursuit of a career in business (Accounting, Business Management, Business Technology, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Networking/Computer Support, Logistics Management, Marketing Management). 3.0 GPA ($1,000)
  • Japan Holmes Scholarship: The Japan Holmes scholarship was created in memory of long-time STC Accounting Instructor Japan (Jay) Holmes, who passed away in 2020. The scholarship will provide $1,000 annually to an Accounting student, who has completed at least 15 hours of study with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. It will be awarded based solely on merit and does not take into account financial need. ($1,000)


  • Brenda L. Rucker Champion Scholarship: Awarded to African American male students, more than 50% through the instructional program. Programs of study: Aviation Technology, Precision Manufacturing, and Welding/Joining Technology. GPA 3.2. ($1,667)


  • Chef Jean Vendeville Culinary Scholarship: Applicant must have completed at least one semester for Culinary Arts/Baking & Pastry Arts. Preference will be given to students receiving no other financial aid. 3.5 GPA ($2,000)
  • Patrick Williams Memorial Scholarship: First semester or continuing Culinary Arts or Hospitality student with demonstrated academic success. 3.0 ($1,000)
  • Stephen Michael Kennedy Scholarship: Provides tools and uniforms for a first-semester Culinary Arts student. Essay required: what drives me to be a chef and the impact I intend to make ($500).


  • Automotive Technology Excellence Scholarship: The student has completed 15 semester hours in the Automotive Technology associate degree or diploma programs and must be pursuing a career in the automotive industry. 3.0 GPA ($1,000).
  • Brenda L. Rucker Champion Scholarship: Awarded to African American male students, more than 50% through the instructional program. Programs of study: Aviation Technology, Precision Manufacturing, and Welding/Joining Technology. GPA 3.2. ($1,667)
  • Coastal Georgia NAWIC Women in Construction Scholarship: Female student studying in a construction-related field who has completed at least one semester in good standing with a declared major in one of these programs in diploma or associate degree programs. Merit and financial need; 250-word essay on why careers in construction are important for women. Personal interview required for finalists. Eligible programs: Air Conditioning, Construction, Drafting, Electrical Construction/Maintenance, Historic Preservation. 2.5 GPA ($1,000)
  • Georgia Power Scholarship: Applicant must be enrolled in an electrical-related program of study (Electrical Utility Technology, Electrical Construction, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Industrial Maintenance Systems). Must have 15 credit hours completed in their program of study. GPA 2.5+ (Up to $1,000)
  • Haas Machine Tool Scholarship: Supports students in the Machine Tool Technology program who have completed at least one NIMS Certificate. ($1,000)
  • Manufacturers Education Foundation Scholarship: Applicant must be a Georgia resident enrolled in Industrial Systems/Mechatronics, Industrial Maintenance, Precision Manufacturing, or Machine Tool Technology. Must have 15 credit hours completed in their program of study. GPA 2.5+ (Up to $1,000)
  • Propeller Club Scholarship: Applicant must be enrolled in welding with a high school diploma or equivalency. Commercial Truck Driving students are also eligible. Student must have demonstrated need for funds and be in good financial/academic standing (Up to $1,000).
  • Skylar Huggett Women in Welding Scholarship: Provides award for welding tools/equipment to a female welding student with the highest GPA (3.2 minimum) after completion of one semester of study at Savannah Technical College. Student is selected by the Welding & Joining department head based on academic performance. ($500)
  • Don & Karen Stewart Family Scholarship: This scholarship supports a graduate of Herschel V. Jenkins High School with financial need who is studying a program in Industrial Technology (Air Conditioning, Construction Management, Drafting, Electrical Technology, Historic Preservation or Welding & Joining Technology. Students are encouraged to apply prior to their first semester. Students will receive financial assistance in their first year of study to off-set costs of tuition, fees, books and tools/supplies (up to $3,000).


  • Michael Max Sacks Memorial Scholarship: Provides award to a veteran student studying in one of the paramedicine programs ($1,000)
  • Dr. Irving Victor Scholarship: Eligible STC students must be enrolled in EMS or Paramedicine program with a 2.7 GPA. Students must have an intent to pursue emergency medicine as a career. ($750)

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