Savannah Culinary Institute @ 7 West Bay Street

7 West Bay Street

With support from the Savannah Technical College Foundation, the College has purchased 7 West Bay Street as the new downtown location for an expansion of its Culinary Arts program.

This purchase was one of the top five strategic priorities for the Foundation’s capital campaign that raised $7.2 million. The Foundation is raising $4 million to renovate, equip and furnish the building. Renovation has begun with demolition of all interior spaces.

With only 3,000-square-feet of classroom, lab and cooking space, Savannah Tech has had extremely limited resources at the Savannah campus. The kitchen operates 16 hours a day Monday through Thursday, plus four hours on Friday. Four years ago, the College designated one classroom on the Savannah Campus as sugar and chocolate lab, allowing additional space beyond the kitchen to be dedicated to culinary arts instruction. With the success of the Baking & Pastry Arts program, classes are full, and the College is unable to offer enough sections to meet demands.

The expansion will more than double the available instructional space for Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Arts. Senior level (second year) students will take classes and work in the bakery and restaurant. Entry-level (first year) students will continue to take courses in the teaching kitchen and classrooms at the College’s campus on White Bluff.

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Before photos + Plans for 7 West Bay Street:

Here’s a look at 7 West Bay upon purchase in June 2018 along with plans for the future. Renovation/construction is projected to take a minimum of ten months. Photography by Stephen Morton. Line drawings by STC Drafting Instructor Bryan Mossing. Floor plans by LS3P. Click images to see a larger, full resolution image.


Interior photo of bakery half of 7 West Bay building.Line drawing of what bakery side of 7 West Bay may look like once renovation is complete.

The bakery pictured above will fill the east half of the first floor. It will feature artisan breads and pastries for breakfast and lunch with a grab-and-go counter near the Bay Street entrance. The bakery will also include space for STC Baking & Pastry students to do finishing work that the public may watch (along the east wall).

This photo shows the restaurant side of the building before renovation.This line drawing shows what the restaurant will look like after the renovation with a wood fired oven and tables.

The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner and will be located on the west half of the first floor. It will have a wood fired oven, seating and a theatre kitchen on what is now the dance floor stage (not pictured). The restaurant will be staffed by Culinary Arts and Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management students and faculty, hospitality interns and students as a part of their instructional programs. The menu is projected to be set daily in keeping with classroom instruction.

The hands-on, real-world experience in the restaurant and bakery will allow students the opportunity to apply techniques learned in the classroom to practical use, complete a required field placement, and gain first-hand experience in running a restaurant and serving the general public.

Dance floor and stage from 7 West Bay Street interior.

The former dance floor will be used for seating and the stage will be the new home of the restaurant’s theatre kitchen featuring students at work.


Empty room will become master class demo space.

The west half of the second floor will be converted into the Maura and David Sovchen Demonstration Kitchen for master classes. This will feature classes that are open to the public. To register for current master classes follow the Savannah Culinary Institute on social media.

Second floor room of 7 West Bay that will become a library.Herb Library sketch of a library with hanging herb planters.

Our vision for the east half of the second floor includes a hanging herb garden in a library for students. This will also be the location of the elevator.

Empty room that will become faculty office suite.

The other half of this area on the east side of the second floor will be used for the Culinary Arts faculty office suite.


The third floor will be used as classrooms for Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Arts students as well as a conference room.

Third floor empty room of 7 West Bay.Third floor empty room of 7 West Bay.

Ceiling view from third floor of 7 West Bay.Ceiling and third floor view of 7 West Bay.


The basement will be transformed into two kitchens with one for Culinary instruction and the other for Baking & Pastry instruction, along with a dishwashing area, storage for dry and cold goods and expanded bathrooms for students.

Basement photo of 7 West Bay showing old barBasement another angle of 7 West Bay

Basement photo from 7 West Bay back room area.Basement of 7 West Bay showing old kitchen


Plans drawn by LS3P
Basement floor plan with half culinary and half baking.


  • Instructional kitchen 2,500 sq ft
  • Half will be used for Culinary/Half will be used for Baking & Pastry
  • Both kitchens will be used for classes and to support bakery/restaurant operations
First floor drawing plans by LS3P

First Floor

  • Bakery 1,000 sq ft (grab-and-go counter, seats 20, breakfast and lunch)
  • Bakery will have a finishing room for students to work where the public may watch
  • Restaurant 2,000 sq ft (seats 60, lunch and dinner)
  • A wood-fired oven and theatre/show kitchen will be featured in the restaurant
Second Floor drawing plans by LS3P

Second Floor

  • Demonstration kitchen 1,500 sq ft (continuing education/demo and event space seating for 25-40)
  • Faculty office suite
  • Student library with hanging herb garden
Third floor drawing plans by LS3P

Third Floor

  • Classrooms 1,800 sq ft (lecture style)
  • Conference Room