Student Support Services

Career Services

Are you a current or former student who is looking for a job? Do you need help developing your resume or assistance preparing to interview? Check out Career Services for help with your resume or job search.

Disability Services

Our Disability Services office can assist you with the accommodations and resources that you need to be a successful student. For more information about Disability Services, please contact Ms. Melanie Wilder at 912.443.5717 or email

Special Populations

Special Populations assists all students who are members of defined population groups with removing and/or overcoming academic, career, and economic barriers.

If you are a member of a Special Population who would like to inquire about possible resources available to you, see Melanie Wilder in Student Affairs located in the Administration Building at the Savannah campus or e-mail Special Population Coordinator or call 912-443-5717.

Student Support Resource Library

Do you need basic needs support to include housing, food, childcare, employment, mental health resources, or health care assistance? If you are having personal difficulties and need helpful information, please take a look at the Student Support Resources Library page.

Public Benefits Screening

We Provide on campus pre-screening for eligibility for federally-sponsored programs to include SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) as well as application submission & renewal assistance.