Registration and Withdrawal


In order to register, you must first be admitted to Savannah Technical College. If you have not been admitted, please view the Admissions Requirements. Registration is held prior to the beginning of each semester. Students are notified of specific registration dates and times.

How to Register

All students must meet with their academic advisor to register for classes. Click the following link to view the list of advisors.

Withdrawal and “No Show” Policies

Students withdrawing from courses or the college must complete an official withdrawal form, which may be obtained from the Student Affairs One Stop Center, academic advisor or by accessing the Withdrawal Request Form. Failure to do so may result in an academic or financial aid penalty. A student contemplating withdrawal should consult with his/her advisor.

A “No Show” is classified as a student who has registered for a course but never attended. A student identified as a “No Show” may not re-enter the course for the remainder of the semester.

Student Initiated Withdrawal

If any student wishes to withdraw from Savannah Technical College or from all courses, the following procedures must be followed in order to remain in good standing with Savannah Technical College.

  1. Student must meet with their advisor/instructor or Student Affairs staff to complete the proper “Withdrawal” forms.  On-line students should email their written request to their instructor.
  2. If receiving financial aid, student must contact the Financial Aid Office to avoid any further interference with obtaining financial aid upon return.
  3. A student who withdraws may apply for re-admission at the beginning of the following semester or any semester thereafter.
  4. Students suspended for attendance, academic or other disciplinary reasons shall have no right to a refund of any portion of any fee paid.

Withdrawal by a Student during the Refund Period

The student is responsible for submitting a completed Withdrawal Request Form to the Student Affairs Center before the first day of the semester for one hundred percent (100%) refund eligibility or during the first three (3) business days of the semester.

All out-of-pocket tuition and fees, excluding the application fee, are refunded if a student formally withdraws prior to the first day and during the first three business days of the semester.

The official date is when the completed form has been received and signed by an official Student Affairs representative. Once the Registrar or designee receives the withdrawal form, it will be signed, dated, and processed.

Students receiving federal or state financial aid are refunded unearned tuition, fees and other charges in accordance with the Department of Education federally mandated fair and equitable refund policy and the Georgia Student Finance Commission policy and standards.

Withdrawal by a Student after the Refund Period

The student must contact their instructor and submit a written withdrawal request to the instructor via email.  The instructor should submit the withdrawal request to the Registrar’s Office through SharePoint.  Students withdrawing after the first three business days of the semester are not eligible to receive a refund.

Savannah Technical College calculates earned Title IV federal fund amounts based on attendance. A student receiving Title IV federal funds, such as the Pell Grant, and withdraws prior to attending sixty percent (60%) of the semester, will only receive the earned amount. 

Withdrawal Grading

A student who officially withdraws before midterm will receive a grade of “W” regardless of the grade average at the time of withdrawal.

A student who withdraws on or after midterm will receive a “WP” if passing at the time of withdrawal or “WF” if failing at the time of withdrawal. (The “WF” grade is calculated into the GPA, the “WP” is not.)

Since learning support courses are not calculated into the GPA, a “W” will always be given regardless of the date of withdrawal.