Savannah Technical College Libraries Open by Appointment Only

Until further notice, libraries at Savannah Campus, Liberty Campus, and Effingham Campus will be open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for computer use by students, faculty, and staff for two-hour time blocks, between 8am – 4pm Monday – Thursday due to COVID-19 concerns.


To book an appointment, follow this link: Available Space 

WHEN YOU ARRIVE to use library, call the Library staff as the doors are locked. For Savannah Campus call 912-443-5870. For Liberty Campus call 912-443-5700 x6017. For Effingham Campus, ask at main desk across from Library.

A valid Savannah Tech ID is required for admission to library. Only 10 students are allowed in library at a time. A designated computer will be assigned to each student. All patrons will be required to sign into and sign out of library.

TIME IN LIBRARY is limited to once a day for two (2) hours.

By signing into the library, students agree to MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING BEST PRACTICES and WEAR MASK In addition to keeping 6 feet distance from others, Savannah Tech Libraries recommend all students wipe down their work space and other surfaces with disinfectant wipes and wait 2-5 minutes before using work space.


                                       What impact does the library have on your studies?

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are now located in the libraries at Savannah Tech

Tutors are members of the STC General Studies faculty.  No appointments or reservations.  First come,first served.

Need help

Contact Savannah library at ( 912) 443-5870


Blackboard and Email logo

Click these links for information on accessing Blackboard and students Email.

If you are unable to access either, come to library for assistance.


Savannah Campus

8am – 7pm    Monday – Thursday

8am – Noon  Friday

Liberty Campus

8am – 6 pm   Monday – Thursday

Effingham Campus

Learning Enrichment Center open when campus open