Campaign: Where Excellence Meets Opportunity


The Campaign for Savannah Technical College strives to raise $10 million to improve facilities, expand education programs, broaden scholarship opportunities and support advances in technology at Savannah Technical College. It’s a big challenge, but we need to make this happen in order to compete  for tomorrow’s opportunities for our community.

Savannah Tech’s curriculum helps local residents gain better employment opportunities, provide for their families and enjoy the quality of life that makes Coastal Georgia special.

At the same time, local businesses hire Savannah Tech graduates for important jobs because STC students know how to get the job done right. When we match quality education with our strong quality of life, our region is unstoppable.

State funding allows us to do important work, but does not allow for the extras that provide for excellence. Frankly, good enough just isn’t good enough. Our students and our community deserve excellence, and Savannah Technical College stands ready to meet the call.

We know it will be private investment that provides the margin of excellence to allow us to continue to deliver world-class instruction in areas vital to the economic growth and success of our region. We want to support our students and expand opportunities throughout the region in critical areas like precision manufacturing, health science, culinary arts and hospitality, scholarships and technology.

Please support the Campaign for Savannah Technical College and invest in the future. You’ll help foster excellence and encourage economic development right here in our community.

Why We Support Savannah Tech

“The first conversation we have with any potential new employer in this region starts with a discussion about the local workforce. Our conversation always starts with Savannah Tech’s ability to scale a workforce to meet the needs of current and potential employers.”

– David Paddison, former Savannah Economic Development Authority board chairman


“Savannah Tech is a vital component of the future and the growth of coastal Georgia. “Savannah Tech has been a great partner in our apprenticeship program. “As it continues to grow and mature, we expect Savannah Tech to be involved in each step of that process.”

– John Patterson, Chairman and CEO of JCB, Inc. and Deputy Chairman of The JCB Group


“Savannah Tech is key to economic development because the college works directly with local businesses to meet specific workforce development needs. For me, the question is not if I support Savannah Tech, but how I can support Savannah Tech.”

– Cathy Hill, Georgia Power Company Vice President


“Savannah Tech students are highly motivated and fit our workforce profile at Gulfstream. Because of Savannah Tech, we’re able to train a local workforce, which helps benefit the community.”

– Ira Berman, Senior Vice President, Administration and General Counsel, Gulfstream


“Investing in Savannah Technical College is really about investing in people. It helps make our community stronger. I support Savannah Tech because it fills a vital need in our community.”

– Dick Eckburg, retired UPS executive and local philanthropist


“Savannah Technical College fills a critical niche in our job market and in the regional educational system. It serves as a bridge from the old economy to the new economy, providing opportunities for workers who need to acquire new job skills.”

– Steve Green, former Chairman of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce


“Savannah Tech is the glue that holds our community together. It connects K-12 students to colleges and universities and connects people with job opportunities. Supporting Savannah Tech is, quite literally, an investment in the future of Savannah.”

Howard Morrison, community catalyst and local business leader


“Savannah Tech graduates are well-prepared and well-trained. Many of them are non-traditional students who bring a level of maturity related to life experience that is very helpful in getting adjusted to the Memorial culture. They have a bright future ahead.”

-Mary Chatman, COO and Chief Nursing Officer, Memorial University Medical Center


“The more trained chefs we can attract at our restaurants, the better. I look to Savannah Tech and its graduates as a powerful, positive resource for employment in the hospitality industry.”

-Ansley Williams, Founder and CEO, Live Oak Restaurant Group


“The education at Savannah Tech is truly top-notch. At Wet Willie’s, STC Culinary Arts graduates  work side-by-side in the kitchen with alumni from the national culinary programs and they more than hold their own.”

-Bill Dickinson, Owner, Wet Willie’s Management Corporation


“Savannah Technical College is the perfect launching pad for success. It’s a great place to being a successful career.”

-Donald Lovett, Chairman, Liberty County Commission and Director of Laboratory Services, Liberty Regional Medical Center


Most important is this institution’s ability to deliver on the fundamentals plus the sophisticated technologies to meet industry needs. The College has the ability to help local economies diversify – in manufacturing and health sciences – to complement and balance the strength of the regional military economy. All of this is geared toward meeting industry needs and that gives us great strength and potential for growth.”

-Tom Ratcliffe, attorney, Liberty County and former Mayor, City of Hinesville


“To attract businesses to your community, you have to have a skilled workforce and that workforce comes from Savannah Technical College.”

-Jimmy Burnsed, retired banker and former Chairman, Bryan County Development Authority


“Savannah Tech gave me a great foundation. I love coming to work every day and take pride in what I do at Gulfstream. I’m grateful Savannah Tech helped me achieve my career goals.”

-Nelson Guzman, STC Aviation Technology, and Structural Mechanic, Gulfstream


“Savannah Technical College is my foundation.  This is where the idea of a career started to hit home. Savannah Tech definitely paved the way for my current success.”

-Gordon Cone, STC Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology and Project Manager, General Electric


“Savannah Tech gave me the wings to fly.”

-Ahmed Kabore, STC Surgical Technology and Doctoral student in Public Health, Georgia Southern University


“Savannah Technical College planted the seed for my success.”

-Marjorie Wiebe Reed, STC Marketing Management and Owner/President,
Access Design Group


“Thanks to Savannah Tech, I have a well-defined career path and goals for the future.”

-Reina Shanks, STC Culinary Arts and Manager/Assistant Chef, Fiore Italian Bar & Grill