Advisement & Registration

New Students

New Students are advised by an Academic Adviser in the Department’s program of study.  The student will meet with an adviser after being accepted to the college. The Program Adviser will assist in reviewing test score results, reviewing the transfer credit evaluated by the Registrar’s Office, develop first semester schedule, and assist with registering the student for classes.

Returning and Currently Enrolled Students

Returning Students (Readmits) and students currently enrolled are evaluated by Program Advisers or Faculty Advisers depending on the program.

Currently Enrolled students must meet with their advisers during the Mandatory Advisement and Registration period.

Make sure that you take advantage of the resources that are available for students.

Program Adviser Contact Information:





NOTE: For program specific advisers browse the appropriate division and select your program of interest. Adviser contact information will be located on the left side of the program page.