Campus Shop Refund Policy

College ID badge is required to purchase or return textbooks or merchandise.

All Financial Aid purchases/refunds/exchanges must be made during the open Financial Aid period at the beginning of the semester. Savannah Technical College allows Pell Grant eligible students with excess financial aid to purchase books and supplies in the Campus shop the first day of class through the 10th day of the term.

  1. Refunds will be made on required or optional textbooks ONLY if (a) scheduled classes are cancelled by the College or (b) the student withdraws from the course. Student must provide evidence of withdrawal from the course, the original receipt, and materials in original condition within the first 12 days of class. Refunds will not be honored for students who withdraw late in the semester.
  2. Original receipt is required for all refunds or exchanges on unopened/original condition textbooks. Exchanges or returns will not be allowed for books when the shrink wrap has been removed or disks, access codes, etc. have been opened. Allow 4-6 weeks for refund processing with a check purchase.
  3. Refunds will not be made on supplies, general merchandise, backpacks, clothing or candy/snacks/drinks.
  4. Rented textbooks must be returned no later than the last day of the term to avoid non-return charges.