Fast Forward

Fast Forward

Ready to move forward on your career? Want to get the education you need faster?

Ability to Benefit

Want to start college now?


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Steps to Enroll:

  1. Contact Transition Specialist: 912-443-5344.
  2. Enroll in GED or ESL classes.
  3. Complete your financial aid application (Click Here)
  4. Take the Accuplacer Test (Click Here for more information). – SUSPENDED
  5. Complete the STC Admissions Packet along with the $25 fee
  6. Finalize your financial aid
  7. Enroll in your college classes
  8. Maintain enrollment in Adult Education and your College Program until you complete your Adult Education program.
  9. Complete your College Program.

We also have short term training programs:

  1. Hospitality & Tourism
  2. Partnership with Chatham Apprenticeship Program
  3. Entrepreneurship for ESL (Coming Soon!)

Talk to your admissions counselor in orientation about these programs or your other college & career interests.