NelNet Payment Plan

Tuition and Fee Payment Plan

Savannah Technical College is offering a way for you to pay your tuition and fees in interest-free monthly installments.

Cost to Participate

The nonrefundable enrollment fee for the Summer Semester 2021 is $25, $35 or $40 the non-refundable fee varies based on the number of payments (through ACH or credit/debit card).

The payment plan offers 2, 3, and 4 monthly payment installments depending on when you sign up. The amount of the down payment also varies depending on when you sign up and the number of payments. Payments may be made through an automated bank payment (ACH) or credit/debit cards. Payments will be drafted on the fifth of each month and will continue until the balance is paid in full.

If a credit/debit card is used rather than an automatic bank payment (ACH), a convenience fee will be assessed in addition to the enrollment fee. There will also be a $30 fee per transaction if payments are returned.

 If you default on your Nelnet Payment Plan, the remaining balance owed on your account will be due immediately to Savannah Technical College.

NOTE: All down payments and enrollment fees are processed immediately!

Target Dates to Enroll by:

Summer 2021 Last Date to Enroll Required Down Payment Number of Payments Required Months of Payments Enrollment Fee
April 1, 2021 None 4 April-July $30
April 26, 2021 25% 3 May-July $35
May 26, 2021  50% 2 June & July $40
May 28, 2021 50% 1 July Only $40

Steps to Enroll

  1. Determine how much you owe for tuition and fees – Log on to your BANNER WEB using STC Email
    • Select “Student Services and Financial Aid”,
    • Click on “Account Summary
    • Click on Pay Online
    • Select Term and click on Pay by Payment Plan with Nelnet
    • Read all of the information provided at the links at the top of the ecashier page
    • Follow the instructions to create you Nelnet account

Availability of the payment plan is determined by Savannah Technical College. Please be aware that enrollment in the payment plan may be available only during certain dates and times.