HOPE Career Grant

Students, who are eligible for or receive HOPE Grant funding and are enrolled in one of the following programs of study, may also be eligible for funding from the HOPE Career Grant (Formerly Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant).  A student’s HOPE Career Grant (Formerly Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant) award is a fixed amount per term based upon the student’s program of study and number of hours of enrollment.

The following HOPE Career Grant-approved programs have been identified as high demand careers in Georgia and are offered at Savannah Technical College. Program areas with an asterisk will qualify for HOPE Career Grant in January 2018:

Air Conditioning*

Aircraft Technology*

Automotive Technology*

Aviation Maintenance*

Commercial Truck Driving

Computer Networking and Repair

Construction Management*

Early Childhood Care and Education

Electrical Construction & Maintenance*

Electrical Utility Technology*

Film Production

Health Care Assistant Specializations

Historic Preservation & Restoration*

Industrial Maintenance Systems


Machine Tool


Practical Nursing

Welding & Joining

Students will automatically qualify for the HOPE Career Grant Award (Formerly Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant) if they meet these three criteria:

  1. regular student fully admitted to a TCSG institution
  2. enrolled in one of the above programs
  3. receiving the HOPE Grant in that same term

Please review the chart found here for approved programs of study and award amounts. Students enrolled in 9+ credits receive $500; 3-8 credits receive $250; and 1-2 credits receive $125. Students must be enrolled in 9 credits in the Commercial Truck Driving program to qualify for $1,000 for one term.

The HOPE Grant (Formerly Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant) is an award given to Georgia residents enrolled in a certificate or diploma program at a TCSG institution. The qualifying GPA for the HOPE Grant is 2.0.

Click here for a complete list of 2016-2017 state approved programs.