Drivers Education Program

30-Hours Classroom & 6-Hours Behind-the-Wheel Training


Learning to drive is a major milestone in life. Young or inexperienced drivers need to learn safe driving techniques.  The program offered by Savannah Technical College meets Joshua’s Law options, including 30 hours of classroom instruction and six additional hours of drive time with an instructor. Most insurance companies also give a reduction (approx. 10%) on insurance premiums upon successful completion.

Savannah Technical College provides a (DDS-approved) Driver’s Education program in cooperation with the Georgia Driver’s Education Commission (GDEC). Participants must attend all class dates for the full class periods. If seeking a certificate of completion for 30 hours of classroom and six hours of driving, participants must also complete all six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel driving.






P.S. Learn more about our Dual Enrollment program, which allows high school students to take academic degree-level core courses, at zero tuition cost, that will transfer to any Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) or University System of Georgia (USG) institution




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    30-Hour Classroom Instruction

    The 30-hour classroom instruction is now available in-person, and virtual. During the virtual lecture, training is a hybrid online meeting platform called Blackboard (similar to Zoom). Students will be able to have live interaction with the instructor and will be required to complete their self-study work.

    This lecture component consists of instruction on the following topics:


        • Managing Risk When Driving

        • Understanding Vehicle Space Needs, Natural Laws, and Balance

        • Starting, Steering, and Stopping the Vehicle

        • Traffic Control Devices & Traffic Laws

        • Managing Risk: Vision & Perception, Time & Space

        • Sharing the Road with Others

        • Getting Acquainted with the Vehicle You Will Drive

        • The Effects of Distractions, Drowsiness, and Emotions on Driving

        • Adverse Driving Conditions and Emergencies

        • The Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs on Driving

      • Basic Maneuvers in a Low-Risk Environment

     Course Textbook: “How to Drive” -The Beginning Driver’s Manual




    What To Expect In The Behind-The-Wheel Driving Lessons


    The Driver’s Ed Car

    The college will provide a vehicle for students to use during their lessons. They are 2015 Kia Optimas, a 4-door sedan. Each vehicle is wrapped in “Student Driver” graphics to make other drivers aware that training is in progress.  The vehicles are equipped with video monitoring capabilities to ensure the safety of all participants.

    6-Hour Driving Lessons

    Behind-the-wheel driver training lessons are available via one-on-one appointments and are 2 hours long. The Department of Driver Services requires that parents/guardians invest at least 40 hours of behind-the-wheel driving practice with their teens before taking their road test to get their license.

    Training Lesson 1: The instructor will take the student to begin verifying the skills listed above are satisfactory and then start practice with parallel parking, turnabouts, and a very structured driving route to provide exposure ranging from light traffic to moderate traffic.

    Training Lesson 2: When students arrive for the second lesson, they can expect longer exposure to moderate traffic and an introduction to parkways and highways and apply what was learned during lesson two.

    Training Lesson 3: The final training will include a review of the previous lessons, more prolonged exposure to moderate traffic, and an introduction to interstate driving. Note: Students will be practicing entering and exiting off Interstate 16. Practice with a parent/guardian before this lesson is recommended.

    Our focus is to assist your student with the more difficult driving skills since our program only provides 6-hours of behind-the-wheel training. By the time your student reaches their first behind-the-wheel training session with the college, they will need to be able to complete the following skills:

        • Basic driver preparation

        • Steering

        • Accelerating and slowing down smoothly

        • Turning right at intersections

      • Turning left at intersections






    Course Requirements


    Learner’s Permit, Attendance, Passing Score

    Students attending the Driver’s Education Program are required to provide a Valid Learner’s Permit is required. If you are looking for a course to help prepare for your learner’s permit, click here for upcoming courses.  Attendance is also required for all classroom and behind-the-wheel driving lessons. A passing grade of 70% is required for classroom training.


    Cost & Payment Options

    Cost: $400 (Includes 30hrs Classroom & 6hrs Behind-the-wheel).
    Cost: $50 (Includes Learner’s permit test prep) Scholarships are not offered for this course.
    Payment Options:  We accept all credit/debit cards.
    Scholarships for (the Drivers Ed program only) are available to those that qualify to
    click here
    for more information. If you are applying for a scholarship, please do not register until your acceptance/denial email is received.  Scholarship information is provided in the link above. 



    Refund Policy

    You can request a refund up to three (3) days before the start of a course via email at If it is past the three-day window, the only option available is to transfer to a new session. Once a course begins a refund is no longer possible.




    Upcoming Sessions

    Below you will see the sessions that are currently available for our Driver’s Education Program.  Please review courses, dates, and times to see what works best for your schedule.  Attendance on all (8- 9 days) of the scheduled cohort is required.

    August 2023 Sessions – closed

    September 2023 Sessions – closed

    Cohort 1: September 5th – 7th, 11th – 13th&  18th – 19th – Crossroads (Pooler)  Campus – registration closed

    Cohort 2: September 5th – 7th, 11th – 13th,& 18th – 19th – Savannah Campus – registration closed

    Cohort 3: September 25th – 27th, Oct 2nd – 4th, 9 & 10th – Liberty – closed

    October 2023 Sessions

    Cohort 1: October 2nd – 4th, 9th – 11th & 16th – 17th – Effingham Campus – closed (canceled)

    Cohort 2: October 16th – 18th, 23rd – 25th & 30th – 31st – Savannah Campus – now registering

    November 2023 Sessions

    Cohort 1: November 6th -8th, 13th – 15th & 20-21st – Crossroads (Pooler) Campus

    Cohort 2: November 6th -8th, 13th – 15th & 20-21st – Liberty Campus

    Cohort 3: November 27th – 29th, Dec 4th – 6th & 11th – 12th – Savannah Campus

    December 2023 Sessions

    Cohort 1: December Dec 4th – 6th, 11th – 13th & 18th – 19th – Effingham Campus

    Time: 5 pm – 9 pm


    Learner’s permit test prep Upcoming Courses





    How to Register for the Driver’s Education Course

    Are you ready to enroll in one of our upcoming Driver’s Education sessions? Make sure to have a picture of your learner’s permit ready! Read the instructions below to get started. If you have a scholarship code, please complete this form: Scholarship Recipient – Driver’s Education Online Registration

    Registration Instructions for Students WITHOUT a Scholarship

    1. Click the following link: Driver’s Education Online Registration

    2. Complete the form with your contact information and select the session you’re interested in attending and press submit.

    3. You will not see an option to pay just yet. We’ll review your submission and then generate a payment link specifically for you.

    Registration Instructions for Scholarship Students

    ****You must have a scholarship code to complete this form!****

    1. Click the following link: Scholarship Recipient – Driver’s Education Online Registration

    2. Complete the form with your contact information and select the session you’re interested in attending and press submit.


    Registration Instructions for Learner’s permit test prep course

    1. Click the following link: Learner’s permit test prep registration
    2. Complete the form with your contact information, select the session, and press submit.



    If you have any questions, we encourage you to visit the Frequently Asked Questions tab on this page to review some of our commonly asked questions. You can also contact us at
    912-443-3012 or email at




    I wanted to give a huge shout out to Melvin for accommodating Miss Cooper by meeting her in Ludowici rather than Hinesville! By the sounds of it DeLasie learned a ton from Mr. Price and so enjoyed the experience of learning to drive with him. 
    Thank you to you as well for supporting us with our request. 
    DeLasie also really enjoyed Miss Gilmore’s teaching style. She indicated she was very engaging, split the class into groups frequently (which DeLasie found very helpful) and made learning fun!
    I believe being an instructor these days is a challenging ask given our short attention spans and everything being remote. Wanted to give shout outs for these 2 who made a strong impression on DeLasie and created an enjoyable experience out of learning how to drive. 

    Happy holidays to you and yours and thank you again for all of your support!!
    Brian passed his driver license test today. Thank you so much for all of your instruction Mr. Melvin. Have an awesome day. 
    In Christ's Precious Name,
    Christin L. Fletcher
    Thank you for your assistance in driving and teaching my son Xavier. This morning he officially became a Georgia State Licensed Driver. 
    Congratulations Natalie Sanders & Deshaun Moss on passing your Drivers exam!!!