The Office of Admissions and Savannah Technical College invite you to apply and earn a certificate, diploma or degree that will prepare you for a career that is in high demand and a quality education offered in an environment with resources to make sure you are on the path to success.

PHASE 1: Explore the many programs we have to offer.

PHASE 2: Apply for Admissions.

PHASE 3: How will I pay?

PHASE 4: Plan to succeed! Get Advised and Review student resources.

Savannah Technical College personnel will not engage in any unfair, deceptive or abusive marketing practices for the purpose of recruiting students to the college. Other than employee salaries, Savannah Technical College does not provide employees, students, or other persons with any gratuity, favor, discount, hospitality, loan, transportation, meals, or items of any monetary value to any individual or entity for the purpose of securing enrollments of any student to the college.

Savannah Technical College personnel will not engage in unsolicited contacts of persons for the purpose of recruitment or enrollment, to include contacting them by phone call, text, email, social media or by any other means.