Programs for High School Students

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High school initiatives provide qualified Georgia high school students with the opportunity to earn post-secondary and secondary high school credits before graduating from high school.

Rachel Peeples - Dual Enrollment Student
Dual Enrollment senior attends college full-time with Move On When Ready

ACCEL Dual Enrollment: associate and four-year degree programs
The ACCEL program allows high school students to take college core degree-level courses paid at 100% like English, mathematics, sciences and social sciences apply them to high school graduation. Savannah Technical College offers 27 courses that transfer to any University System of Georgia college or university, which are approved through this program. Courses under this program must be taken from the approved course directory, which is supplied to all high school counselors. Books and supplies may be the only expenses for high school students in dual enrollment.

Dual/Joint Enrollment: certificate and diploma programs
Dual/Joint Enrollment provides high school students at accredited public and private high schools in the State of Georgia with the opportunity to earn post-secondary and secondary credits, while simultaneously enrolled in college, university, or technical institutions.  In Georgia, high school students are responsible for fees not covered by HOPE, supplies, and any other costs that may exceed the book allowance. But, thanks to local agreements with school districts in Bryan, Chatham, Effingham and Liberty Counties, all tuition-related costs are covered. Books and supplies may be the only expenses for high school students in dual enrollment.

Move On When Ready:  degree-level and occupational courses
Move on When Ready (MOWR) is a dual enrollment opportunity for high school students that allows them to attend degree-level and occupational college classes at college full-time. These students simultaneously earn high school and college credit. These students will still graduate high school with their class.

Students participating in these programs must meet the following criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled in an accredited Georgia High School, including public, private as well as homeschool students.
  • Have acquired ASSET/COMPASS test scores for selected program of study (appropriate SAT or ACT test scores may be used).
  • Be at least 16 years of age.

Books and supplies may be the only expenses for high school students in Dual Enrollment at Savannah Technical College.

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