Grading Scale

Savannah Technical College assigns grades based on a 4.0 grading scale. The grade of “F” represents failure and the grade of “WF” represents withdrawal while failing. “F” and “WF” are unacceptable credit in a course. These grades have numerical equivalents and are calculated in the Grade Point Average (GPA). Work ethics grades will not be included in the calculation of the GPA.

Students who are no-shows and students dropping a course or courses before the end of the third instructional day of the semester shall receive no grades for the applicable courses.

GPA Calculation:
Each letter grade has a point value (i.e., A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0).  A student may determine the grade points for each course by multiplying the number of points a grade is worth times the number of credit hours the course carries.  Thus, a “B” (worth 3 points) in a 3-credit hour course is worth 9 grade points and an “A” (worth 4 points) in the same 3-credit hour course is worth 12 grade points.  The Grade Point Average is calculated by adding the total grade point values for all courses and dividing the total number of credits attempted during the same period.


COMP1000 3 credit hours Grade A (4 points) = 12
MATH 1111 3 credit hours Grade C (2 points) = 6
BUSN 1240 3 credit hours Grade F (0 points) = 0
SPCH 1101 3 credit hours Grade B (3 points) = 9
27 points divided by 12 credits = 2.25 GPA
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)  includes all credit courses taken at the institution regardless of the program of study.  The CGPA is not affected by program of study, changes in program of study, or student classification.  The cumulative grade point average is that grade point average calculated on all attempts at all credit courses taken at Savannah Technical College.
  • Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) includes only those credit courses taken each semester at the institution.
  • Adjusted Graduation Grade Point Average is calculated only on those courses required for graduation from a specific major (program). When a course is taken more than once, the higher grade will be used in calculating the grade point average for graduation.

A graduating grade point average of “C” (2.0) is required in order to earn a technical certificate of credit, diploma, or degree at Savannah Technical College.  While a student may earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 which includes one or more grades of “D,” it is well to remember that grades below “C” will prohibit progression to the courses for which the current course is a prerequisite and will not count toward graduation.  Neither learning support nor work ethics shall affect the cumulative grade point average.