Graduating Seniors

Continuing with STC

MOWR students in their senior year who wish to continue their college career at Savannah Tech must complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a STC paper application as a beginning student
  • To update your records from a MOWR student to a regular STC student you will need to complete and submit a STC application as a beginning student. In order to prevent an application fee from appearing on your account, please complete the paper application and submit to the Admissions Office at any of our Student Affairs locations.
  • To qualify for in-state tuition and state sponsored financial aid (such as the HOPE) you must show proof of Georgia residency. A full list of acceptable proof of residency documentation can be found here.

2. Submit an official copy of your high school transcript

  • Most of STC’s programs of study require a high school diploma or GED for admittance into the program. In order to accept you into a program of study, we will need an official copy of your official high school transcript with your graduation date listed.
    • MOWR students wishing to take summer courses may submit an official high school transcript with a letter from their high school guidance counselor that states they are on track to graduate (projected graduation date should be listed) in order to register for summer classes. Once a high school transcript with the graduation date is available, the student must submit a copy to the Admission’s office in order to be able to continue classes with STC in future semesters.

Transferring to another college or university?

If you are a MOWR student who wishes to transfer to another college or university you will likely need to submit your STC records to your future school. Doing so will require submitting a transcript request form to the Registrar’s Office located in the Student Affairs Center. Please be aware that STC records cannot be released if there are any current holds on your account, including those for unreturned textbooks.