Dual Enrollment Steps to Apply

Determine if Dual Enrollment is a good fit for you:

Meet with your high school counselor and parent/guardian to discuss the following:

  1. Consider the impact of Dual Enrollment on your high school grade point average and college enrollment.
  2. Visit to learn more about eligibility requirements and the impact, if any, of dual enrollment funding on future HOPE eligibility.
  3. Discuss high school graduation requirements and STC program requirements.
  4. Discuss transportation, class attendance, class schedule, and whether the dual enrollment schedule might impact extra-curricular activities.
  5. Review the STC Academic Calendar to determine whether the course schedule, holidays, and home study program schedule impact vacation planning.
  6. Consider what happens if a failing grade or withdrawal occurs.

Steps to Apply for Dual Enrollment

See below for Dual Enrollment COVID-19 Admissions Procedure

  1. Complete the STC Admissions Application. Select “high school student-dual” from the application type (drop-down box) so that you will be classified as a dual enrollment student and the $25 application fee will be waived.
  2. Submit your official test scores (ACT, SAT, PSAT or ACCUPLACER) to Savannah Tech. If you haven’t taken these tests, contact the STC testing center to schedule a FREE ACCUPLACER assessment. Use this link for the required scores. *See below for alternative admissions methods.
  3. Complete the Dual Enrollment Funding Application
    1. A new funding application must be submitted each term the student intends to enroll with Dual Enrollment.
    2. The form must be signed by the student, parent and HS counselor
  4. Schedule a registration appointment with a STC Dual Enrollment Representative as a new student. Returning students may email their Dual Enrollment representative the course schedule along with the completed/signed Dual Enrollment Funding application and Participation Agreement.
    1. Appointments may be made by email. Include your STC Student ID number (also known as 900 number) if you have it. If this is your first appointment, please include your full name and birthdate.
    2. Students must meet the test score and college course prerequisite requirements for any courses requested.
  5. Sign the authorization for Release of Records to a third-party (optional). This optional form allows a third-party, such as a parent, access to the student’s educational records.

Dual Enrollment Application Resources:

Dual Enrollment COVID-19 Admissions Procedure:

In lieu of the Accuplacer, which is currently unavailable due to the COVID-19 crisis, Savannah Technical College is asking for high school counselors to submit a high school transcript for each student. Student transcripts will be evaluated for a calculated HOPE GPA of 2.6. If a student does not have a HOPE GPA of 2.6, a GMAS score of 525 or higher can be used for admissions, as well as PSAT and PACT scores aligned with the regular SAT and ACT requirement. Transcripts may be emailed to

All Fall 2020 Dual Enrollment Students must apply for funding, submit applications, and Paper Student Participation Agreements (SPA) online at GA Futures. All students must have a current Savannah Tech Admissions Application on file to enroll in courses.

* Alternative Admissions Methods:

The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) offers several alternative ways for students to get accepted into Dual Enrollment programming and some of these opportunities are listed below:

  • Georgia Milestones Assessment System (GMAS): Ninth Grade Literature and Composition Test Scale Score **525 or higher
    • Ask your HS Counselor to submit your official GMAS scores.
      **Please note that by submitting the GMAS score only, this will not allow your student to be eligible to take any Math or Natural Science courses in the Dual Enrollment program.
  • HOPE GPA (after completion of 10th grade): 2.6 GPA (placement for English/Math)
    • Ask your HS Counselor to submit your official high school transcript to Savannah Technical College.
    • The HOPE GPA is calculated using the core academic courses only (Math, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, English, and Foreign Language).

Dual Enrollment Additional Resources: