About the STC Foundation

Founded in 1984, the Savannah Technical College Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization that exists to raise and disburse funds to support the College’s efforts to enhance learning, workforce training and economic development in Bryan, Chatham, Effingham and Liberty counties. The Foundation also supports student success through its many privately funded scholarships.

The state of Georgia provides less than 33% of the operational budget for the college; therefore, for Savannah Technical College to meet its mission of excellence, private investment is essential. The Foundation, its volunteer Board of Trustees and Community Council work as advocates and solicit funds from public, corporate and individual partnerships that are necessary to cultivate investment in the college.

The Foundation organizes and actively promotes annual fund drives, fundraising events and new scholarship opportunities. The 2014 Tribute to Community STARS will be held on Friday, March 28 at noon in the Eckburg Auditorium. Buy Tribute tickets or give a donation if you cannot attend.

For information, please contact us through email or by calling 912.443.3019.

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Savannah Technical College Foundation’s financial information is available upon request.

Board of Trustees
Jim LaHaise, Chair
Helen Downing, Vice Chair
John M. Coleman, Secretary
Scott Center, Past Chair
Jennifer Abshire
Celia W. Dunn
Brian R. Foster
Franklin Goldwire
Brynn Grant
Bradley Harmon
Richard Henry
Lee Hughes
Al Kennickell
Pete Liakakis
Bates Lovett
J. Michael Moore
Benjamin E. Price
Stan Sparks

Community Council
Laura Lee Bocade
Michael Brooks
John Davis
Greg DeBacker
Carey Ferrara
Yolanda Fontaine
Nancy Fullbright
Heather Gordon
Denise Grabowski
Susan Hansel
Helen Williams Johnson
Shenna Jones
Joe Marshall
Mike Miller
Heather Novak
Tammy Moseley Ray
Summer Schwarzer
Sherri Schumacher
Steve Smith
Robert L. Sparks
Steven G. Stowers
Rene Teran
Alethia Zadach