Keeping Your Benefits

To keep your benefits:

  1. Register for classes early.
    1. Register only for classes required for your program of study
  2. Secure your financial source of benefits.
    1. Veterans Education Assistance Programs – Request your enrollment certification each semester of enrollment
    2. Active Duty and Spouses  – Initiate your tuition assistance benefits
  3. Maintain good academic standing.
    • Overall 2.0 (“C”) gpa
    • Overall Completion Rate of 67%
    • Complete program of study within 150% maximum timeframe
    • Maximum of 96 total attempted credits.

The College realizes that service members may be required to temporarily interrupt their studies due to service requirements. Service members should provide a copy of their military orders or other official documentation to each instructor or to the Registrar when they are alerted of service requirements that will require them to be absent from classes. Early submission of orders or related documentation allows the College to better serve the service member during their absence and prepare for their return to classes.  Upon presentation of aforementioned orders or documents, military members may request withdrawal from classes and the College will take appropriate actions to withdraw them without academic penalty. The service member who intends to return to the College within two semesters will not be withdrawn from his or her program of study and will be allowed to enroll in program courses upon his or her return to the College and resume studies toward completion of award.  A service member who returns to the College after two semesters would be required to apply for readmission to the College and would be readmitted to the same program of study. A service member with an anticipated service-related interruption of 30 days or less could choose to remain enrolled in his or her courses during that period of time.  That service member will receive a grade of Incomplete (I) and will be allowed to complete course requirements upon his or her return to the College. The service member would not be required to apply for readmission to the College and would be encouraged to complete his or her program of study.