Precision Machining & Manufacturing

The Precision Machining and Manufacturing program (formerly Machine Tool) at Savannah Technical College prepares students for careers as machinists. Becoming a machinist is more than just being able to fix machines; it’s learning a career that empowers you to make machines that make the manufacturing industry work.

The skills you receive will allow you the opportunity to work in a variety of fields with a number of machines, everything from aerospace to field systems to industrial power plants and everything in between.  True machinists are not just jacks and jills of all trades, but masters of this highly technical craft.

According to CNN Money, U.S. factories are currently creating new jobs in machining but the shortage comes in finding skilled American employees to fill the void. Machinists can make from $60,000-$100,000 per year with the amount of overtime needed to fill job slots today.

Degree and diploma options are available in addition to short-term Technical Certificated of Credit (TCCs). Apply today for an in-demand career.

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