Supply Chain and Logistics Education Courses

Georgia Supply Chain and Logistics Careers

“Supply chain logistics is “the lifeblood of the world economy.” It is the flow of material, information and money from the producer to the consumer. You are familiar with the products that we all use in our daily lives, but those products have no value to the manufacturer or the consumer unless they can be delivered in a safe and timely manner.”

Manufacturing Skills Standards Council -Supply Chain Logistics -Foundational Knowledge

Empower your career path by enrolling in one of our courses below:

  • Leadership Skills for Front-Line and Entry-Level Supervisors | (6-weeks, 24 hours) Become a more effective manager by learning the language of business management. This course provides skills in managing time, delegating responsibility, motivating your employees, solving problems and resolving conflicts so you can accomplish your job more effectively


  • Fast Track – Certified Logistics Associate(CLA) / Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) (Online, Instructor Supported, 60-hours) CLT  is a  nationally portable, industry-led  program that prepares individuals for front-line material handling and supply chain logistics jobs in fulfillment centers, warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. This online training program includes a stackable certification for employees with the 21st Century, in-demand skills needed for long-term career paths in over 5.8 million supply chain logistics jobs.  


  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (Self-Paced) (Self-Paced, 13-weeks) Lean Six Sigma is designed to equip individuals with the methodologies and tools that will enable them to make significant improvements to processes that can reduce waste, improve effectiveness, and raise profitability. 


  • Introduction to Distribution and Logistics Management (6-week Course, 24 hours, Instructor Supported) Discover how to improve distribution and logistics management activities, reduce costs, save time, increase customer satisfaction, and better meet your company’s objectives. This course will show you how to achieve success through a combination of distribution and logistics strategies and tactics. 


  • Manufacturing Fundamentals(6-week) | (6-week Course, 24 hours, Instructor Supported) Gain the basic skills required to work in manufacturing. This course will help you learn the roles of productivity, design, process planning, and 13 different manufacturing processes, and discover how performance measurements and standardization improve manufacturing operations. 


  • Manufacturing Applications | (6-week Course, 24 hours, Instructor Supported) Understand the true meaning of productivity and how to improve it. This course will help you learn to apply the principles and concepts of manufacturing to increase customer satisfaction and help your company become more efficient and productive. 


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