Fast Track Warehouse & Logistics

Launch Your Career in Warehouse & Logistics!


The warehousing and logistics industry plays a central role in how we get the items we need and want from day to day. Enroll in our Fast Track course to be on your way to joining those who keep things moving.

This course will cover major areas of importance such as the Global Supply Chain, Logistics, Material Handling, Quality Control Principles, Workplace Communications, Safety, and Equipment Operation.

Upon successful completion of this courses’s certification exams, you will have earned two nationally recognized credentials – Certified Logistics Associate and Certified Logistics Technician from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council(MSSC).  The core competencies as defined by MSSC, covers nationally validated skills standards for higher skilled, frontline material handling workers across all supply chain facilities: factories, warehouses, distribution centers and transporters.

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Savannah Technical College’s office for Professional Continuing Education offers this industry developed opportunity to students seeking a career in warehouse, distribution and logistics.

We have been working with over ten of our regional warehouse and logistic companies to create an exciting program that combines classroom instruction, online learning, hands-on safety and operations skills practice in an actual “Living-Lab” warehouse environment.

The 8 week course will cover major areas of importance for the Warehouse and Distribution
Industry including:

  • Global Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Material Handling
  • Quality Control Principles
  • Workplace Communications
  • Safety
  • Equipment Operation

Students who successfully complete the national certification exam will be able to earn the Certified Logistics Associate certification, issued by the Manufacturing Standards Skills Council (MSSC).

* Funding may be available for eligible students. Please make a note of your interest in the registration form description box.

Credentials Earned at Completion of Course:

    • Certified Logistics Associate
    • Certified Logistics Technician

MSSC strongly recommends individuals be at the 8th grade level of math and 9th grade level of English before attempting courses and assessments.

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The Fast Track Program is a partnership and collaborative effort by the Coastal Workforce Services, The Workforce Division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development and our regional warehouse and distribution industry partners.  Students will have the opportunity to earn a recognized credential that includes:

CLA, Certified Logistics Associate Accredited by MSSC

The Course provides students with the foundational broad knowledge they will need to understand the world of supply chain and related core competencies. Learning materials include PDF textbook and e-learning modules. This Course requires approximately 35 hours.

What is covered in the CLA Program?

• Global supply chain logistics life cycle • Logistics environment • Material handling equipment • Safety principles • Safe material handling and equipment operation • Quality control principles • Workplace communications • Teamwork and workplace behavior to solve problems • Using computers

CLT, Certified Logistics Technician Accredited by MSSC

This Course provides students with the mid-level technical knowledge needed to understand the world of supply chain logistics and related core competencies. Learning materials include PDF textbook and e-learning modules. This Course requires approximately 35 hours.

*MSSC strongly recommends that individuals be at an 8th-grade math and 9th-grade reading level before taking our Courses.

What is covered in the CLT Program?

• Product receiving • Product storage • Order processing • Packaging and shipment • Inventory control • Safe handling of hazmat materials • Evaluation of transportation modes • Dispatch and tracking • Measuring and metric conversions

Gerneral Warehouse Skills  Living Lab

  • Forklift Safety
  • Carpentry
  • Pick and Pack

* Schedule is subject to change and requires a minimum number of students to offer the class.

View more about the Full Program by visiting The Manufacturing Skills Standards Council’s website!