Wanted: Film Jobs

Culinary Arts, Drafting, Emergency Medical Services Professions, Accounting, and Welding & Joining TechnologyFilm crews hire our graduates. Film productions have an immediate demand for supporting crew members that also have expertise with the following:

Put your training to work in film by enrolling in the On-Set Production Assistant TCC program. This two-semester program (one semester in class and the next semester on set) will qualify you to work on a film production using the occupational expertise you’ve already completed (or are working on) with Savannah Technical College.

Film Production Assistant TCC graduates are in high demand in Georgia. Students enrolled in this program may be eligible for the HOPE Career Grant, which provides additional funding.

Savannah Technical College offers the first semester of this program in fall, spring and summer. Complete the form on this page to be added to the waiting list for the next semester.