Historic Preservation

Savannah is known for its history and remarkable design – from parks and squares that celebrate this incredible city’s past to the elaborate buildings that reflect the high architectural styles of former generations. The First City, with its timeless architecture and diverse landscapes, is an essential part of the preservation movement and our nation’s history.


Over 350 buildings have been saved with many receiving recognition and certification from National Historic Landmarks and National Register of Historic Places, all demanding certified preservationists to update, renovate, and restore any building receiving these honors.  In fact, any home located in the 11 historic districts needs a certified preservationist to create or maintain structures or they risk losing their historic integrity.

From classes that include Architectural Print Reading to History and Theory, to Material Sciences; this program prepares its graduates to work locally within the historic districts as well as nationwide with hundreds of historic properties and community commissions.

The program is also part of the sustainable technology movement at Savannah Technical College and is available for Learning Community opportunities with a number of courses and dedicated tutoring, ask for details.