Online Personal Financial Literacy Courses

Financial Literacy
Virtual Financial Literacy Courses
Take control of your financial future and learn how to manage your finances and those of your loved ones.  Offered in partnership with VicTree Financial Group, this curriculum will familiarize participants with key financial concepts. All courses are self-paced, online and can be completed at any time.
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This financial literacy curriculum features six courses. Each Course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. To pass a course, a score of 75% or greater must be achieved on the Final Assessment at the end of each course.
The courses are self-paced and mobile-friendly. Work may be stopped and resumed at any point. The courses contain written and video content to accommodate all learning styles.
The following courses are included:
Affording Your Education:
Learn about borrowing money, with an emphasis on student debt. Explore options that are available to pay for college including scholarships, grants, work-study opportunities, and loans. Understand important concepts such as interest capitalization and amortization.
Budgeting Your Money:
Learn how to create a monthly budget and discover practical spending habits. Distinguish between your wants and your needs. Conduct a review of spending habits.
Establishing Credit:
Understand elements of a credit score and the importance of maintaining a high credit score. Learn about why the concept of credit is so important. Understand which agencies determine credit scores.
Obtaining Auto Insurance:
Learn about the importance of obtaining auto insurance. Understand your auto policy and coverage limits. Walk through a sample auto insurance policy to ensure understanding.
Opening a Bank Account:
Learn the importance of keeping money in a safe place, like a bank. Understand deposit insurance. Learn about various types of bank accounts.
Saving for Your Future:
Discover how to plan for the future. Learn to create savings goals over various time horizons. Discover tips and tricks to achieve financial goals. Discover personal values to determine needs.

Cost: $65
Estimated Time to Complete: 4.5 hours
Type: Self-paced