Advanced/Specialized Training for Certified Law Enforcement Officers

Savannah Technical College Peace Officer Academy and Professional Continuing Education Department are pleased to offer two new training opportunities to Certified Law Enforcement Officers in the South East Region. Please select a course below to learn more about our Advanced and Specialized Training!

2016 Schedule

Advanced Firearms (CAK01F)  32 Hours:


This course was designed to improve officer’s performance with his/her service pistol by participating in various shooting exercises and scenario driven range exercises. Range drills include Close-Contact, response to threats left, right, rear, kneeling, prone, shooting while moving, shooting at distances up to 50 yards, shooting with the firing hand only, shooting with the support hand only (including malfunctions).

Firearm, Equipment, and Ammo Requirements:

• Students should use their service weapon which they carry on duty. The weapon must be fully functional, have all factory-installed safety devices intact, and have no dangerous modifications (such as a “hair” trigger less than 4 pounds, removed trigger guard, etc.)
• Students should bring the gear that they use on duty: Holsters must be on the belt, correctly fit the weapon, completely cover the trigger guard, remain open when the weapon is removed, not allow the weapon to cover the shooter’s body. NO thigh rigs, cross-draw, etc.
• A minimum of three magazines and two single or one double magazine pouch is recommended. Magazine pouches worn on the belt on the side opposite the handgun.
• Electronic hearing protection is recommended.
• A minimum of 600 rounds of new, factory-made ammunition should be brought with the student to the course. NO reloaded or remanufactured ammunition.



*  This course meets the requirements for P.O.S.T. Advanced Certification or Senior Deputy Certification.

**  Students must score 90% (raw score of 270 out of 300) on the Georgia Standard Qualification Course (SQC) 30 round at the end of the course in order to pass the course and receive credit.  This course will be conducted on turning targets under time and using the SQT A-1 targets


Who:  Certified Law Enforcement Officers Only
Dates:  TBD
Time:   8am- 5pm
Cost:   $80.00(Payment deadline TBD)
Location:  Chatham County Sheriff’s Office – Firing Range
1050 Carl Griffin Drive
Savannah, GA 31405
(Follow signs for Firing Range, observe signs in parking lot for proper parking, walk through gate on the left and enter in training building for classroom portion, all weapons must be unloaded when reporting for training

Verbal Judo (IYC08G)   24 hours:


Improve communication, resolve conflicts, and avoid the most common conversational disasters through simple, easily remembered strategies that deflect and redirect negative behavior.

Verbal Judo is the martial art of the mind and mouth that can show you how to be better prepared in every verbal encounter. Listen and speak more effectively, engage people through empathy (the most powerful word in the English language), avoid the most common conversational disasters, and use proven strategies that allow you to successfully communicate your point of view and take the upper hand in most disputes.



  • Students will be required to pass a written exam with a minimum score of 70%
  • Students will be required to actively participate in role-playing scenarios


*  This course meets requirements for P.O.S.T. Intermediate Certification or Senior Deputy Certification.

Who: Certified Law Enforcement Officers Only
Dates: May 26-28, 2015
Time: 8am- 5pm
Cost: $60 (Payment deadline May 18th)
Locations: Savannah Technical College – Crossroads Campus
190 Crossroads Parkway, Savannah, GA 31407
Auditorium – Rm 140

Instruction for Registration – Advanced / Specialized Courses

  • Go to
  • Fill out First and Last Name
  • Select course from the Continuing Education dropdown list (ex. Adv. Firearms (CAK01F)
  • Fill out email address
  • Fill out phone number
  • Fill out department/agency address
  • In the Description box – type in the form of payment i.e. credit card, purchase order, etc.
  • Click submit


NOTE:  Your reservation for the course is complete.  If you have any questions please contact Sheree Rogers, Academy Administrative Assistant, 912-443,5191, .

Mrs. Rogers will call you by phone to follow up on credit card payments within 1-2 business days.  If you indicate any other form of payment then you may be contacted by Janie Gordon or Kevin Werntz by email or telephone for payment.

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