Beginner Computer Workshop

Beginner Computer Workshop Cover Page

Designed for the person without any computer experience, this 4-day class provides a mixture of video, discussion and hands-on practice toward gaining an understanding of computer usage. At the end of the course, you will be able to identify computer components, differentiate operating systems, use input devices and (most importantly) become comfortable with using a PC with Windows and other Microsoft Applications.

Class Unavailable- Jockey Truck

Day 1: Computers – The general overview

We will learn and discuss what computers are as well as practical information that you will need to know in order to work in a computerized environment. You will also have hands on time with input devices.

Day 2: Windows – The operating system

We will introduce you to the Microsoft Windows operating system and allow you to become accustomed to working with it by doing some hands on work with it.

Day 3: Microsoft Word – The application software

We will introduce you to word processing by allowing you to do hands on work with Microsoft Word. You will have an opportunity to create a document and save it.

Day 4: E-mail and browsers – Communicating over the Internet

We will show you how to create an e-mail and open up a browser. You will be able to understand the components of how to send an e-mail to one or many recipients along with sending attachments.

This course has no requirements. We hope to see you soon!

Location: Savannah Tech Main Campus- Learning Enrichment Center, Rm 8138
Meeting Days: TBA
Time: 6pm-8pm
Hours: 8
Cost: $65
Payment Deadline: TBA