Basic Law Enforcement – Peace Officer Academy

The Basic Law Enforcement Certificate program provides students with the necessary skills, standards, and knowledge in order to become qualified, proficiency trained, ethical and competent peace officers in criminal justice careers. Successful graduation from the program certifies the graduate as a Georgia Peace Officer by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.). Costs for this certification are included in the program costs.

State Officers such as the Georgia State Patrol, deputy sheriffs, county police, municipal police, and campus police are a few examples of peace officers.  Peace Officers maintain order and protect life and property by enforcing local, tribal, state, or federal laws and ordinances.  Peace Officers may perform a combination of the following duties:  patrol a specific area, direct traffic, issue traffic summonses, investigate accidents, apprehend and arrest suspects, or serve legal processes of courts.

“According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of police and detectives is projected to grow 5 percent from 2012 to 2022.  Georgia is expected to see an eight percent (8%) increase in employment opportunities by 2022.  Overall opportunities in local police departments will be favorable for individuals who meet the psychological, personal, and physical qualifications.  In addition to openings from employment growth, many openings will be created by the need to replace workers who retire and those who leave local agencies for federal jobs and private-sector security jobs.

This program offers a first step in law enforcement.  Select courses in the Basic Law Enforcement Certificate program transfer towards an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice.  Many agencies pay all or part of the tuition for officers to work toward degrees in criminal justice, police science, administration of justice, or public administration and pay higher salaries to those who earn one of those degrees.

Source:  Technical College System of Georgia – Knowledge Management System, P.O.S.T., U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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