New ESL Students

Please read the information below carefully. Use a translation tool if necessary.The Adult Education English classes are free. There is no charge.English classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Attendance is mandatory.Classes meet online and in person at 5717 White Bluff Road.Classes meet in the morning and at night. The exact class time depends on the class assignment. In general, our classes meet 8:45-12:15 in the morning and 5:30-9:00 at night. Most in person morning classes meet 9:00-12:00, and all in person night classes meet 6:30-8:30.Students must sign a contract that they will attend class for a minimum of 60 hours.IF you can commit to attending class 4 days or nights per week, please click on the yellow box below to submit your information to join our waiting list. We will email you when we can offer you a class. We expect openings to begin in March.If you cannot commit to attending 60 hours of class (approximately 8 hours per week for 8 weeks minimum) at this time, we urge you to use other resources in the community or wait and register with us at a time when you can commit. Due to the high number of applications, we can no longer accept students who cannot commit to attending class. Students must sign a contract that they will attend 60 hours of class.

Required for 18 years or older:
Valid government issued photo ID

Required for 16 & 17 years old:
Valid government issued ID
Proof of withdrawal, letter of non enrollment, or home-school affidavit
Complete Underage Approval Form with guardian signature

Please click on the yellow “Register Now” below to submit your information to join our waiting list. When we have a class for you, you will receive an email to make a registration appointment.

ESL Register Now

For additional help with registration and information about classes, please contact

Kim Tate.

Email Kim Tate, ESL Coordinator at or call (912) 443-5802

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