City of Savannah Sponsors 100 Forklift Training Scholarships

Forklift driver icon green backgroundSAVANNAH, GA – Savannah Mayor Van Johnson announced that the City of Savannah will sponsor 100 forklift training scholarships for Savannah residents. This $13,500 workforce development donation will cover all costs associated Savannah Technical College’s Forklift Operator Safety Training Course

“When they have a good-paying job they are able to take care of their family; when they’re able to take care of their families a lot of good things happen. They’re able to own a home, they’re able to afford a home,” Johnson said on Wednesday as he, Savannah Tech and Workforce Coastal announced the scholarships. 

The program is geared toward city residents and the majority of the coursework can be completed online. The course includes four hours of lectures and one hour of hands-on demonstration. Students must also pass a written test and the hands-on operator skills review with an instructor before receiving their certificate. 

Savannah Tech President Kathy Love said the program fits into the sole mission of the college, which is workforce development. 

“We’d like to think you’ve come to the right place because this is what we do. This is all we do, whether our students are starting with a free adult education, high school equivalency, English as a Second Language class or short-term credit certificate like commercial truck driving, or a non-credit industry credential, like forklift safety operator,” Love said. 

“We know that these jobs are in high demand.”

The training scholarship will be managed by the Savannah Technical College Foundation and applications are available online

#2243 | April 6, 2022

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