Browser Tips

Depending on your choice of an Internet browser and OS configuration (e.g., PC or Mac) there are times that you may experience issues with Blackboard. Issues may include:

    • Not being able to edit/copy/paste into the text box editor in discussion boards, journals, wikis, blogs or essay questions.
    • Popups being blocked.
    • Not being able to access or submit assignments.
    • Not being able to access Blackboard courses.

These issues are hard to pinpoint on personal computers because the configurations vary from computer to computer. One of the biggest culprits are third party extensions that have been installed on the user’s preferred browser. If you are experiencing any issues with Blackboard, follow the steps below to see if you can correct the problem.

  1. For all browsers, try clearing the cache first. Here’s directions: Clearing Browser Caches. If this does not work, try each browser below, starting with Firefox.
    • Note: To get the latest on which browsers are fully compatible with Blackboard, please see the Blackboard Supported Technology page.  Remember: You must use the desktop/laptop version when accessing Blackboard. Android and Apple tablet versions are not fully supported.
    • The Blackboard Mobile app is not recommended at this time for submitting discussions, assignments or exams.
  2. Firefox: Disable any extra toolbars like Yahoo, Ask, Bing, AVG, Google (the actual toolbar, not the search field), Norton, Amazon, etc. If you have several toolbars, disable them one at a time and check the Editor after each one.
  3. Google Chrome
    • If you have any extensions installed, disable them one at a time and check the Editor after each one.
    • Repeat the process with any toolbars that may be installed if the issue is not resolved with checking your extensions.