Request for Dual Major/Change of Dual Major

Students declaring a Dual Major must do so only in the following combinations:


If the students primary major is:

Associate’s Degree     the secondary major must be       Associate’s Degree

Diploma                         the secondary major must be      Diploma or certificate

Certificate                     the secondary major must be       Certificate

**Both majors must be in a related field of study**

**Student must meet Regular Admissions requirements for both programs**

**Student must have completed 50% or more of the primary program **

**Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5**

**Student must enroll in at least one course from each major and verify financial aid status**


I acknowledge that I am aware that a change in program level will affect my financial aid eligibility and/or type of financial award. I am aware that I must seek financial aid counseling and will be responsible for any balance that occurs as a result of a change in program and/or determination of ineligibility or reduction in award of financial aid.