Nelson Guzman

Job: Structural Mechanic at Gulfstream
Program: Aircraft Structural Assembly
Hometown: Woodbridge, Virginia

Six years ago, Nelson Guzman worked for a local janitorial company, cleaning the hangar floors at Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

Today, he’s a structural mechanic at Gulfstream, where he assembles frames for state-of-the-art cockpits for the company’s G450 and G550 jets.

At the age of 19, Nelson formulated a plan to get the training he needed to transition from sweeping floors to building high-tech airplanes. The key component of that plan was attending Savannah Tech’s Aircraft Structural Assembly program.

Savannah Tech helped make my dream come true.

“I knew Savannah Tech would give me a good starting point,” he explains. “All I needed was the training and a chance to prove myself.”

At the age of 20, Nelson enrolled at Savannah Tech, where he got plenty of hands-on manufacturing experience, worked with rivet guns and fasteners, studied blueprints and learned the aerospace manufacturing process.

After completing the program, Nelson interviewed with Gulfstream and secured a position as a trainee. Over the past five years, this proud Savannah Tech graduate has been promoted three times and has distinguished himself as an exemplary Gulfstream employee.

Savannah Tech enabled this hard-working Pooler resident to transition from a minimum wage job to a high-paying position at a leading local manufacturer.

“Savannah Tech gave me a great foundation,” he raves. “I love coming to work every day and take pride in what I do at Gulfstream. I’m grateful Savannah Tech helped me achieve my career goals.”