Gordon Cone

Job: Project Manager at General Electric
Program: Computer and Electric Engineering Technology
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Growing up in Savannah, Gordon Cone saw many of his peers go down a negative path in life.

“I didn’t want my life to be like that,” he says. “I wanted to provide a life for my children that I didn’t have.”

Gordon enrolled in Savannah Tech and earned an associate’s degree in Computer and Electric Engineering Technology. He later graduated from Savannah State and became the first member of his family to earn a four-year college degree. After graduation, this talented IT expert interned at the Department of Energy in Chicago, Ill., and at Oracle in San Francisco, Calif., before joining GE in 2010 in the company’s Aviation department.

Savannah Tech definitely gives you the tools to succeed.

Today, this 29-year-old professional is a leading project manager at General Electric, where he serves as an application architect and information technology specialist at GE’s Energy Management department in Atlanta. He designs back-end platforms and works as a web architect, developing applications that help the company’s web site operate efficiently. He is also a graduate of GE’s elite Leadership Development Program, which nurtures and cultivates the company’s next generation of leaders.

“Savannah Tech taught me how to work with technology and how to apply book knowledge to real-world situations,” he says. “The instructors were incredible and extremely supportive.”

The son of a manufacturing worker and an activity director at a local retirement home, Gordon realized in his late teens he wanted to aim higher. He realized early on that Savannah Tech would play a key role in achieving his future goals.

“Savannah Tech is my foundation,” he raves. “This is where the idea of a career started to hit home. Savannah Tech definitely paved the way for my current success.”