Work Study

Earn while you learn through the Federal work study program. Students receiving Pell and enrolled in at least three credit hours are eligible. Students must also be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) with a minimum 2.0 GPA and have a 67% completion rate. Work study students earn $15/hour.

Jobs at Savannah Tech include:

  • Savannah Campus: Student Affairs, Admissions, Career Services, Library, Campus Shop, Testing, Lab Asst/Biology, Welding, Automotive, Cosmetology
  • Liberty Campus: Admissions, Financial Aid, Library, Campus Shop
  • Effingham Campus: Student Affairs, Welding

Federal Work Study Program (FWS): provides both on- and off-campus jobs for students who have financial need. The FWS program is a great place to learn professionalism and gain the work experience that is needed to enter the job market. Federal Work-Study offers students the opportunity to earn money through part-time employment. Jobs are located both on campus and at off campus sites which include contracted non-profit or governmental agencies. The program allows students to gain work experience and pay for a portion of educational expenses.

Employee Expectations: Students are expected to do their best to be a good employee. This means coming to work on time, working scheduled hours, notifying supervisors if unable to work, and completing in a satisfactory manner the tasks assigned by supervisor.  Professionalism if a key factor in the FWS program and should be visible in your appearance, attitude, and  work ethic.

Payment: Students are paid by the hour at a rate of $15. Total Federal Work-Study awards depend on when application is received, level of need, and the campus funding level. FWS is considered to be taxable income. This income may affect food stamps, social security, and unemployment, but FWS should not affect TANF (cash aid). Students receiving any of these benefits, should contact the responsible state, or local agency. FWS paychecks are issued once a month. The first paycheck will not be issued until the second month of employment. 

Hours: Positions are commonly 19 hours per week, but may vary depending upon the College’s (or specific position’s) requirements. Some jobs may be only a few hours per week, others shall not exceed 19 hours; however, working more hours will cause the work-study award to be depleted more rapidly.

Working when classes are not in session (breaks): Work study students may be permitted to work between terms by the FWS Office, if FWS funds are available and if the College (specific position) has a need. The College will be notified in advance of each break whether work will be permitted.


  • Students cannot work during times they are scheduled to be in class / internships.
  • Students cannot login to online classes while at  work.
  • Students are not permitted to do any class work while on work study schedule.
  • Students must be a Pell eligible.
  • Students must be enrolled at 3 credit hours and have all fees up to date.
  • If a student withdraws or drops below half time at any point in the term their work study will be immediately terminated.
  • Students must work the hours they are paid/scheduled.
  • Time-sheet falsification is a crime. If it is proven, students will be terminated from the Federal Work Study Program.