Financial Aid Appeal Process

If your financial aid eligibility is suspended, you have the right to appeal. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to appeal for reinstatement of your Federal and State Financial Aid eligibility. All Financial Aid Appeal documentation must be submitted prior to the appeal deadline for the term of anticipated enrollment.

Instructions to Appeal Financial Aid Suspension

Include ALL of the following items (Steps 1-3) in your Appeal Packet. Incomplete packets will not be considered and will be denied.  Submit the COMPLETE Appeal at


Step 1. Personal Statement
Your detailed statement must include the following information. Failure to answer all questions below will result in a rejected SAP Appeal form:

  • Extenuating circumstance(s) such as personal injury or illness, family emergency, death of a close relative, etc. These circumstances must have occurred during specific individual semesters that caused you not to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • How your situation has changed since the extenuating circumstances occurred; and
  • Steps you have taken to ensure that you will successfully complete all current and future classes.

Students who exceed the 150% Maximum Timeframe – Must Include Advising Checklist

  • Be sure to submit the Advising Checklist outlining remaining courses and timeline for completion as part of your appeal packet. If you do not have an Advising Checklist, you must meet with your Dean prior to submitting the Financial Aid Appeal
Step 2. Supporting Documentation of Circumstances
 Attach documentation to support your appeal for the semester(s) in question. An appeal without proper documentation will not be considered. Acceptable documentation includes:
Reason Acceptable Documentation
Illness Detailed letter, on letterhead, from physician explaining dates and types of illness, recommended treatment, dates of non-attendance, prognosis, etc.
Death of Family Member Death certificate, obituary notice
Legal Issue Divorce decree, separation agreement, police report detailing incident, date and those involved
Job Conflict Letter from supervisor, on letterhead, stating scheduling problems, etc.
Disability Letter from Special Populations Coordinator addressing problems that arose during the term in question and the resolution for future terms or medical documentation from other outside sources, letter from a doctor, etc.
Other Any other documentation that will support your appeal (letter from faculty, or third-party source)
Step 3. Submit Appeal of Financial Aid Suspension Form/Personal Statement/Supporting Documentation
Submit a completed/signed Appeal of Financial Aid Suspension form at

Complete appeal must be submitted by the SAP Appeal deadline (see website or financial aid office for specific dates).

Notifications of Committee Decision

Students will be notified at their STC student email and by Campus Logic of the committee’s decision.

Approved Appeal

If your appeal is approved by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee, you will be placed on financial aid probation for up to two semesters. The Financial Aid Office will continue to monitor your academic progress to ensure you are meeting the conditions of your probationary status. If you fail to meet the conditions of the probationary status, your eligibility will again be suspended.

Denied Appeal

If your appeal for reinstatement of financial aid is denied, you may continue enrollment at Savannah Technical College at your own expense or through an alternative source. You may use Veteran or Military Education Benefits, or other third-party funding, as well as make payment online or at the Cashier’s Office located in the Campus Shop at each campus location.

Students who feel their appeal was unjustly denied by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee or have additional extenuating circumstances to be considered may petition the Vice President for Student Affairs for a second-level review. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office for instructions on the second-level appeal process.

Regaining Eligibility

If you have not exceeded the 150% maximum timeframe and were denied reinstatement, you may re-appeal after completing with a grade of B or higher a minimum of six (6) credits at your own expense. Once the six credits are successfully completed, a you may submit a new appeal for the subsequent semester of enrollment. The new appeal will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.If you have exceeded the 150% maximum timeframe and the appeal for extension is denied, you cannot regain eligibility for the same program of study. You will need to find an alternative source of funding.