Unusual Enrollment History

The Department of Education has implemented additional regulations limiting eligibility for students receiving Federal Pell Grant funding. When you complete the FAFSA application, the Department of Education evaluates the three most recent years of your enrollment history to determine if you received Federal financial aid at multiple institutions. If you attended multiple schools and received Federal financial aid within this timeframe, the Department of Education will flag your FAFSA results and require the college to determine your continued eligibility for Federal financial aid.

If your FAFSA is flagged with Unusual Enrollment History, Savannah Technical College will require official academic transcripts from ALL colleges in which you attended and received Federal financial aid prior to enrollment. You must submit official transcripts along with the Unusual Enrollment History form at least three (3) weeks prior to the start of the semester in which you wish to receive Federal financial aid.

If you failed to earn academic credit from any or all colleges attended, you will not be eligible for Federal financial aid. To regain Federal financial aid eligibility at Savannah Technical College, you will need to enroll and pay out of pocket for at least six (6) credits  to demonstrate your intent to continue your education.