Career Exploration Online Courses

Are you interested in making a career change but you’re not sure where to start? Take a look at our list of introduction classes below. You can begin to explore what a career would be like in various industries like medical, legal, industrial and many more. These continuing education courses do not require formal enrollment into the college and many start as low as $125. There are two course formats available. “Instructor-led” and “self-paced”. 

Instructor-Led online class:

  • Provides 6-weeks of online course access
  • New sessions begin monthly
  • Lessons are released twice a week to build on each previous topic
  • Students are not required to be in front of their computer at a certain time/day.
  • Online discussion board is available to engage with other students and the instructor.
  • Instructor assistance available via the discussion board in this course format.
  • If having access to an instructor is important to you, please select the Instructor-led online format.


Self-paced online class:

  • Provides 3-months of online course access
  • You can start the class at anytime.
  • Lessons are released all at once, allows freedom to skip around
  • Students are not required to be in front of their computer at a certain time/day.
  • Online discussion board available to engage with other students only.
  • Instructor assistance is not available in this course format.
  • If having access to an instructor is not a priority for you, the self-paced course may be a good fit.

Explore available courses below:

Explore a Career as an Administrative Medical Assistant

Learn what it takes to have a successful career as an administrative medical assistant. This course explores the job of an administrative medical assistant (AMA) in a doctor’s office—from appointment scheduling and chart creation to medical billing and coding—to give you an inside-view of the job.


Explore a Career as a Clinical Medical Assistant

Demand for medical assistants will grow 23 percent through 2024, so there’s never been a better time to explore a career in healthcare! This online course will give you an overview of the job duties and scope of practice of clinical medical assistants. You will learn about the different types of medical records and how to enhance the overall patient experience. You will also get an introduction to charting patient complaints, creating progress notes, and collecting medical history


Explore a Career as a Pharmacy Technician

Take a look at the many job settings and career paths open to you if you become a pharmacy technician. This course will help you master the skills that will prepare you for and entry-level position as a pharmacy tech or clerk, and the steps you can take to become certified.


Explore a Career in Nursing

This course will help you discover what it takes to become an LPN or RN and all the exciting and rewarding opportunities that await you in the different fields of nursing. You’ll also learn about the different types of nursing and specialties and about the benefits of additional education.


Explore a Career as a Paralegal

Decide if becoming a paralegal is the right career path for you. This course helps you discover the many aspects of what paralegals do by learning the fundamentals of legal terminology, contract law, how to conduct interviews and investigations, write briefs and prepare for appeals.


Explore a Career in Medical Coding

Explore a career as a medical coder and gain knowledge to help you work, with confidence, almost anywhere in the medical field from doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, or even in the comfort of your home. This course teaches use of the CPT manual and IDC-10-CM which will give you a leg up on others who are new to this career.


Understanding the Human Resources Function

Learn the essential role of human resources in successful organizations. This course will help you understand this very vital link in the organizational chain, so that managers and business owners can feel prepared to handle basic human resource functions.


Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

Learn what it takes to be a successful supply chain manager. This course will prepare you for internationally recognized certification examinations by teaching you how to create demand forecasts, develop schedules, manage inventory, control production orders, and ensure customer satisfaction.


Manufacturing Fundamentals

Gain the basic skills required to work in manufacturing. This course will help you learn the roles of productivity, design, process planning, and 13 different manufacturing processes, and discover how performance measurements and standardization improve manufacturing operations.


Customer Service Fundamentals

Learn how to correctly anticipate and meet your customers’ needs. This course will help you discover some effective methods to bring out your best and do the same for the other people you work with as you serve as an ambassador for your company.


Administrative Assistant Fundamentals

Become an indispensable member of the corporate team as an Administrative Assistant. This course will help you master essential job responsibilities as you identify opportunities and implement solutions for increased productivity throughout your company.


Introduction to Networking

Learn to perform basic computer networking tasks such as DSL connectivity, configuring connections to an ISP and creating a private network. This course explains computer networking basics in easy-to-understand terms, using concepts common to everyday, non-computing experience.


Introduction to PC Security

Learn why you’re at risk and what you can do to protect your precious personal and business data from the outside world. In this course, a security expert will teach you the fundamentals of PC and network security as you learn to install and configure a firewall to build an impenetrable moat around your computer or network.


Introduction to Screenwriting

Learn everything you need to write a great script including structure, character creation, dialogue, and marketing and selling your screenplay. Whether you want to write micro-budget indie films or Hollywood blockbusters, this course will provide everything you need to know to write a script that sells.


Become an Optical Assistant

Learn why optical assisting is such as interesting job and how rewarding it can be to help people solve their vision problems. This course is a great way to start your career as it will help you better understand everything that’s involved in the job and how you can become certified and licensed optical assistant.


How to Get started in Game Development

Prepare to start developing your own games. This course provides the fundamentals of game development, tools and techniques for better game design decisions, and ways to position your games for success.

Explore Non-Fiction Writing

Some of the most fascinating stories in the world are true stories, and non-fiction book sales are growing. Discover the best ways to tell a non-fiction story—whether as a book, a memoir, a magazine article, or in a travel piece—in the Explore Non-Fiction Writing Suite. Learn how to plan, research, write, edit, pitch, and publish your work.


Explore Writing Fiction Genres 

Learn how to write different fiction genres in this comprehensive course bundle. Explore Fiction Writing covers fantasy, romance, mystery, and screenwriting to teach you the craft and technique used by success writers. By the time you finish, you will be ready to write, edit, and submit your work for publication.