Blackboard Tips

Firefox and Google Chrome are the recommended browsers for Blackboard. If you do not have Firefox or Google Chrome installed, then you can download Firefox or Google Chrome for free.

Note: To get the latest on which browsers are fully compatible with Blackboard, please see the Blackboard Browser Checker page.

Remember: You must use the desktop/laptop version when accessing Blackboard. Android and Apple tablet versions are not fully supported.

The Blackboard Mobile app is not recommended at this time for submitting discussions, assignments or exams.


Experiencing a Blackboard Issue?

Issues with an online class are not necessarily issues with Blackboard. Below are some of the problems that students typically encounter – both with Blackboard and with some of the software used in online courses.

Depending on your choice of an Internet browser and OS configuration (e.g., PC or Mac) there are times that you may experience issues with Blackboard. Issues may include:

  • Popups being blocked
  • Error Messages
  • Not being able to access or submit assignments.

If you are experiencing any issues with Blackboard, follow the steps below to see if you can correct the problem.

  1. For all browsers, try clearing the cache first.
  2. Try disabling popups.
  3. Next, try using a different browser.

For additional assistance, please submit the Student Technical Support Form and select “I need assistance with Blackboard”. Don’t forget to leave a detailed description of the issue as well as any error messages you receive. This will help expedite a resolution to your issue.

Issues with 3rd Party Publisher websites and Access Codes should be directed to the Publisher. Look for technical assistance contact information on the Access Code package.


Blackboard Course Availability

Students may access Blackboard before the term begins; however, students will not have access to their courses through Blackboard until the first day of classes. Students will not see courses listed in the Course List until the first day of the term in which that class begins. For example, second miniterm courses will not show up on your Blackboard account until the first day of the miniterm. On the first day of the term, confirm the courses for that term are listed. If the first day has passed and you still can’t see a course on Blackboard, please check your Banner Web account and ensure your enrollment has not been dropped. If you are registered for the course and it’s not listed in your Course List, please submit a Student Technical Support Form.