Housing for International Students

Savannah Technical College does not have on-campus student housing. You will need to search for off-campus housing. For example, you can live with an American host family or find a house to live by yourself or with roommates.

Living with a host family through a home stay program has great advantages; you can learn English and more about the American Homestay Network Logoculture as you adjust to your new circumstances. International students who come to Savannah Technical College have the opportunity to live with an American family through the American Homestay Network (AHN).

If you prefer to live on your own, when you look for a house or apartment, it is very important that you physically see the house/apartment before you sign a rental or lease agreement. Be sure you get everything in writing before you sign an agreement or lease! All expenses of repair, painting, etc. should be written into the lease agreement before you sign it. Be sure to ask if they offer student discounts.

Make sure you understand the following before entering an agreement:

  • Landlords will often require a security deposit plus the first and last month’s rent before agreeing to rent to you.
  • You will often be required to sign a rental agreement or lease, make sure you know up front if:
    • Utilities (gas, electric, trash, water) are included in the rental price or if it will cost extra
    • Know the duration of the lease and if there are penalties if you leave before the lease/agreement expires
    • Are there any restrictions? Parking, pets, roommates, smoking, noise, etc.

Another source to help you find available housing is a local Real Estate Agent. These agents may charge a fee for their services and can be found in local newspapers, in the “Yellow Pages” of the telephone book under the section entitled “Real Estate”.

You may wish to research houses and apartments on the internet. The following sources can be helpful but be careful that you follow the guidance above.