TCSG Early Alert Management System (TEAMS)

Students sometimes fail to complete their chosen programs for a variety of reasons. Common issues include inadequate time management, organizational, or stress management skills, lack of study skills, low self-efficacy, challenging work and family responsibilities, physical and mental health issues, lack of transportation, lack of childcare, and other personal and financial hardships.

To help address the reasons students leave college and to increase retention, TCSG developed TEAMS, TCSG’s Early Alert Management System.


When students are alerted in TEAMS, alerts are routed to designated support staff by the Student Navigator. In consultation with the alerted student and relevant faculty (when applicable), select staff will consider personal and academic reasons that could be contributing to students’ poor performance. Once the challenges are identified, support staff will aid students in goal-setting and, ultimately, help increase retention and program completion rates at the college by providing students with the resources they need to overcome barriers and achieve their goals. 


TEAMS is connected to a program called KMS, TCSG’s Knowledge Management System. When your KMS/TEAMS account is created, you will receive an Initial Account Setup Email from the Data Center. If you do not see this email in your Inbox, please check your Junk folder and contact

Follow the instructions in the email to set up your TEAMS account then logon to the training site to practice working with TEAMS functionality. After you familiarize yourself with the application, then access the production site. Please use caution as alerts submitted in the production site cannot be deleted.


Read over the Issues Details Form take note of the issues you are having, and contact Wendi Gowans at with a detailed description of the issue. Please, remember to include screenshots to facilitate troubleshooting when possible.


If you would like to request TEAMS training, contact:
Wendi Gowans, Student Navigator,