Technical Specialist

The Technical Specialist (TS) Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC) prepares students to be successful in the workplace by combining occupational training with academic preparedness. Students choose a total of nine semester credit hours of occupational courses along with 27 semester credit hours of degree-level general education courses.  Many students have chosen occupational courses in Computer Science, Management, Marketing, Criminal Justices, Early Childhood Education, Welding, and Culinary Arts.

General Education courses provide the soft skills employers find imperative in new employees; skills that produce the ability to effectively communicate in writing and orally, to work effectively with a team, to analyze complex issues and effectively articulate recommendations; and, to establish appropriate rapport with peers, subordinates and superiors.  Students will earn 27 semester credit hours in areas of English Composition, Humanities/Fine Arts, Social/Behavior Sciences, and Natural Sciences/Mathematics.

In addition to preparing students to succeed in the workforce, this program provides an advantage to students who are planning to continue their education by pursuing a baccalaureate degree. Students can choose general education courses that transfer directly to University of Georgia colleges and universities as general education core courses in their bachelor’s degree.

Technical Certificate of Credit



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