Safety Tips

Crime Prevention Tips

Immediately report any crime, suspected crime or suspicious circumstances/persons to the Public Safety Department, day or night.

Never leave personal property unattended. If leaving a classroom, office, or the library, take your possessions with you.

When walking on or off campus at night, employ the “buddy system” and walk with a friend. Also, let friends know when and where you are going, how you are going and what time you expect to arrive. This alerts them if you are overdue.

Park your car in a lighted area. Always lock your car. Do not forget to take the keys out of the ignition. Do not leave CDs, tapes, cell phones, or other valuables in plain sight. Lock them in the trunk or keep them out of view.

If you observe criminal activity or suspicious circumstances/persons, remember identifying information such as:

  • Person – Name (if known), sex, age, height, weight, clothing, apparent condition, and any other identifying information.
  • Auto – License number, make, model, color, outstanding characteristics (rust, dents, etc.) or special features.
  • Property – Complete description, serial number, operation I.D.

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