Direct Deposit

Enrollment Requirements

  • The employee must have a personal checking or savings account in a bank participating in the Federal Reserve System program for electronic deposit.
  • The Savannah Technical College Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement and Direct Deposit Notification form must be completed within 30 days of employment.

Enrollment may be temporarily discontinued if:

  • Recommendation for discontinuation is made by the employee’s immediate supervisor or reviewing manager.
  • The Payroll Department may temporarily discontinue an employee’s participation in the program if the salaried employee has a low leave balance and is likely to be placed in a Leave without Pay status for one or more scheduled work days during an established pay period.
  • The employee is placed in a non-pay status for any reason.

An employee who has been discontinued from enrollment shall not be reinstated in the program until the employee again meets enrollment requirements.

Personal Exemption Requests

Under certain circumstances, an employee may request an exemption from the State Accounting Office Direct Deposit Mandate. For details on filing a Personal Exemption Request, please contact Human Resources or the Payroll Department.

Certain checks will not be automatically deposited to an employee’s account, but will be delivered via US Mail to the employee’s address of record. These checks include:

  • The first check following enrollment in the direct deposit program.
  • The first check following an employee authorized change to his/her personal account, including a change of banks or financial institutions, changes to the routing number or account numbers of an existing account, or after opening a new account at his/her current bank, financial institution, credit union, etc.
  • The last salary check and any terminal pay due an employee upon termination of employment. This includes transfer to another State agency.
  • Any off-cycle paycheck that requires special processing through State Accounting Office in Atlanta.

Change(s) to a Direct Deposit Agreement:

  • An employee currently participating in the direct deposit program may add a new direct deposit account, cancel an existing direct deposit account, or modify an existing direct deposit (e.g. change the amount being deposited into an account) by completing the appropriate Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement form.
  • Changes may also be made by accessing the Employee Self Service module under the Team Georgia Connection; selecting the Self Service Option of the TeamWorks Menu; selecting the Payroll and Compensation Option; and, lastly, selecting the Direct Deposit option. A printed copy of any change made through the Employee Self Service Module must be provided to the Payroll Department for placement in the employee file.
  • If an employee’s bank or financial institution changes the employee’s account number, a Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement must also be completed.
  • Any Savannah Technical College employee with an active garnishment must notify the Payroll Department before making any changes to his/her current direct deposit agreement.


Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement Form

Transfer of funds between banks, as authorized by enrollment in this program, is administered by the Savannah Technical College Accounting Services Office.    Consistent with the provisions of the Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement, Savannah Technical College is authorized to adjust any over/under deposit made to an employee’s account.

Questions? For additional information, please contact Human Resources.