Financial Aid Office

The financial aid office of STC believes that any student who seeks a post-secondary education should not be denied this opportunity because of financial need.

The staff in the financial aid office is committed to providing students and other related parties with:

  • Clear and understandable procedures and guidelines for obtaining financial aid.
  • Financial aid “packages” in a timely manner.
  • Counseling services related to financial needs.
  • Accessibility to outside sources of financial assistance.
  • In-service training for work-study students.
  • Compliance with all Federal and State regulations concerning financial aid distribution requirements.
  • Counseling/financial aid services related to veterans affairs (including counseling concerning the GI bill, eligibility requirements, reporting requirements, liaison with other offices of the college, liaison services to federal, state, local, and community agencies including the VA hospital, the Bureau of Rehabilitative Services, and the Department of Labor; advocacy for the needs of all veterans and, when necessary, of particular veterans; all documentation and correspondence with the Veterans Administration on behalf of veterans and their dependents) and
  • Reports/literature to support the Financial Aid Program on behalf of the students.

Office of Financial Aid
5717 White Bluff Road
Savannah, GA 31405-5521