Admissions Office

The admissions program at STC is designed to address the abilities, needs, and expectations of prospective students as they enter our College. The staff of the admissions office is committed to providing and promoting:

  • Equal access for all eligible prospective students who are interested in pursuing an education at our institution.
  • Literature and programs which clearly describe the mission of the College;
  • Oral and written information about academic programs and co-curricular opportunities at the College to all relevant constituencies.
  • A clear set of directions and procedures which explain the admissions process and policies.
  • Counsel to entering students in overcoming specific personal, physical, or educational problems or skill deficiencies.
  • Educational planning opportunities for groups of students.
  • Self-information from which students can make reasoned and
  • Appropriate choices, regarding their education and careers.
  • The recruitment of underrepresented groups of students.
  • The recruitment of dual-enrolled students.
  • An attraction/recruiting plan for the academic credit programs of the College and a comprehensive retention plan.

Admissions Office: 912-443-5513