Fire Service Professional Diploma

Offered at the Following Campus Locations

Program Overview

The Fire Service Professional Diploma is a sequence of courses designed in cooperation with Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council and Georgia State Office of Emergency Service and Trauma (SOEMST) to ensure graduates have the skills, knowledge and credentials to serve as firefighters in paid and volunteer fire departments. Graduates will be tested and certified at the National Professional Qualifications (Pro-Board) at the Firefighter I and II levels and National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians at the Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) level. Program graduates receive a Technical Certificate of Credit in Firefighter I, II, and EMR. Note: Candidate must be certified at the NPQ Firefighter I level to be eligible to challenge the Pro-Board Firefighter II certification process. Candidate must hold Pro-Board Firefighter I certification in order to meet prerequisites to challenge the Pro-Board Firefighter II certification process. The EMR certificate element of this program prepares students to initiate immediate lifesaving care to critical patients who access the emergency medial system. The EMR curriculum offers candidates the basic knowledge and skills necessary to provide lifesaving interventions while awaiting additional EMS response and ability to assist higher level personnel at the scene and during transport. EMR level personnel function as part of a comprehensive EMS response under medical oversight. The EMR certificate provides students with the opportunity to prepare for entry-level occupations in a variety of pre-hospital, industrial, and first responder settings. After successful completion of a SOEMST approved EMR program the graduate may take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians EMR certification examination. Students enrolled in this diploma will be eligible to be awarded the Firefighter I, II, and Emergency Medical Responders TCCs as they complete all the required courses for each TCC.

Entrance Requirements

This program requires either the Next Generation ACCUPLACER®, ACCUPLACER®, or COMPASS college placement test and High School Diploma or GED.

ACCUPLACER® Next Gen scores: Reading 224, Writing 236, Arithmetic 229

ACCUPLACER® minimum scores: Reading Comprehension 55, Sentence Skills 60, Arithmetic 34

COMPASS minimum scores: Reading 70, Writing 32, Mathematics 26